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Dirt Devil Vacuum Parts

Dirt Devil

Switch-on/off for Dirt Devil Upright Swivel Glide Vision Lite, Jaguar & Featherlite Bagless
on/off switch for Md#s 088500,520,525,530,535,540,545,560,570,575,580,600,650,750,760
1860081000 $7.95

Pump Assembly for Easy Steamer /Dirt Devil
Pump fits all Dirt Devil Easy Steamers.
1710400000 $37.95

Brushroller/Dirt Devil Platinum Force (discontinued)
Dirt devil platinum force roller for models 091200 and 091210. New roller prt.#2912347000(must also change out roller motor and roller housing) see local warranty station for housings.
2912340000 $1,000.00

Brushroller for Ultra Vision Turbo & Self-Propelled Dirt Devil Upright
Brushroller for Md# 897900,087500, 087700,087800,087400
2LC0200000 $24.95

Brushroller for Dirt Devil Swivel Glide Md# 086355 and 086900
2863050000 $24.95

Brushroller-Md#086500 Dirt Devil Upright-Swivel Glide
Brushroller for Md#086500. Dirt Devil Ultra Swivelglide.
2865010000 $26.95

Hand Vac Cloth Bag/Dirt Devil
Hand Vac Cloth Bag
2813340301, 3050340301 $14.95

Royal & Dirt Devil Brushroller for Vision Turbo Upright Vacuum
Brushroller for Md# RY6100, 088300,088400,088450,series.
2jc0110000 $39.95

Brush Roller for Swivel Glide Dirt Devil Upright Vacuum
Fits 086000 to 086400 series of uprights
2863050000 $24.95

Easy Steamer,Featherlite,Jaguar Steam Cleaner Motor complete with Fan
Dirt Devil steam cleaner main suction motor. Motor is the new style with the round bearing boot seal and round housing. The old style square housing & boot seal is no longer available, but new style can be adapted to the old with parts change out.
9710212000 $39.95

Upholstery Tool-Dirt Devil Steamer Md#7150, 7900 & 6100 Series
Plastic upholstery tool for doing furniture and drapes etc.. Fits on the end of the hose.
2771600600 $14.95

Rechargeable Battery for Handvac
Fits Models #M0825,0860,0840,0820
1030265000 $22.95

Bottom Base Assembly/Dirt Devil Vision Upright
Bottom base assembly (holds the roller) for Vision 086900 series uprights.
2863544600 $24.95

Filter Cover (Exit Air) Hinged/Dirt Devil Swivel Glide Upright
Exit air hepa filter cover. Hinged at the bottom.Includes switch on the side and filter housing.
2690222600 $12.95

Brushroll for Easy Steamer/Dirt Devil
Replacement brushroll for the Model CE7100,CE7150.
2700335600 $12.95

Motor for Brushroll/Dirt Devil Easy Steamer
Small motor that turns the brushrool on Dirt Devil Easy Steamer.
1700301000 $28.95

Front Cover Panel
Front Cover Panel for Dirt Devil Model 086325 and 086325C
9863605E00 $21.95

Motor for Dirt Devil Upright Md# 085500A
12 amp Motor.
2855165000 $64.95

Bare Floor Tool for Vision & Breeze Canisters
Bare floor brush.
3097682600 $14.95

Handle Release Pedal for Dirt Devil Swivel Glide
Replacement handle release pedal for Dirt Devil Swivel glide vacuums.
1863060B00 $3.95

Dirt Devil Dirty Water Tank Assembly for Dirt Devil Steamer
Dirty water tank for Models CE-6100 and CE-7100 steamers.
9700701Q00 $44.95

Motor Assembly for Dirt Devil Swivel Glide Vision Lite & Featherlite Bagless
Motor replacement for Models 088600, 088650, 088700,088500,088520,088525 upright vacuums.
2990303000 $59.95

BrushRoller for Dirt Devil Md# 085850
Revolving brushroller that the belt goes around.
2LV1130000 $19.95

Fan(Slip On) for Dirt Devil Upright Feather Lite
Suction fan for Dirt Devil Featherlites. Slips over the shaft and secures with the nut.
1855170700 $16.50

Fan(Threaded)for Dirt Devil Featherlite Upright
Suction fan for featherlite. It screws onto the motor shaft.
1520145000 $12.95

Motor-Swivel Glide Upright/Dirt Devil Md.#086310,315,320,321,325
Main metal motor.
2630172000 $72.95

Valve Tank Adaptor/Dirt Devil Steamcleaner
Valve tank adaptor, sits under solution tank and allows water to flow to pump. Fits models 6100,7100, 7150.
1700580000 $2.50

Motor Assembly-Vision Upright/Dirt Devil Md.#086900,905,910,915
Metal motor with thermal cut off. Complete with fans.
2690172000 $74.95

Hose (Extend-a-wand) long Stretch for Dirt Devil Vision Uprights
Long stretch hose for tool usage. Fits Visions uprights(not Vision Lites) except Md#086915. Call with your Md#. to be sure.
2864176600 $35.95

Roller for Platinum Force Dirt Devil Upright (new Style) Md#091400
Roller that takes the new style wide cogged belt. For Md.#091400. C & D Series.
2912347000 $24.95

Power Nozzle Pigtail W/Strain Rel/Dirt Devil Cansiter
The pigtail the goes from the hose to the Power nozzle with strain release.
2211400600 $9.95

Brushroller for Dirt Devil Upright #7300 series MVP
Brush roller for 7300 series
3720215600 $22.95

air Flow Valve Carpet Knob Dirt Devil Upright Vision Lite & Featherlite
Air flow carpet valve knob.
1860044B00 $1.50

Stretch Hose For Dirt Devil Swivel Glide Upright Md# 086510
Stretch hose for use with attachments.
2864172600 $16.95

Clean Water Tank Cap/Dirt Devil shampooer
Clean water tank cap for the 7900 series shampooer/steamcleaner.
2790710700 $2.95

Soap Tank Assembly/Dirt Devil
Soap tank for a Dirt Devil model CE7900.
279075AFO $8.95

Motor for the Powerhead on a Vision Canister -Dirt Devil
powerhead motor that turns the brushroller.
2210390000 $38.95

Hose (non-electric) for Dirt Devil Can Vac Md# 082400,SR30010 & RY1000
Non-electric swivel hose.
2KT3020000, 1ry1110000 $34.95

Lower Hose for the Nozzle on Dirt Devil Dynamite Upright Md # 084600
Lower hose that goes down to the nozzle. Does not fit any tools-on-board vacuum.
2SN0250600 $7.95

Hose Door for Dirt Devil Jaquar Steam Cleaner Md# CE6600 & 6605
The door on the dirty water tank that the hose for using tools fits into.
1660129000 $3.95

Switch (on/off) for Royal/Dirt Devil Platinum Focrce & Magna Power Upright
On/off black rocker switch. See prt.# 1912045E00 for the switch that turns the roller on/off.
1912040600 $6.95

Dirty Water Tank Assembly for Dirt Devil Easy Steamer Deluxe
The complete dirt water tank that you have to lift off of the steamer to dump the dirt water. Includes the handle & the front nozzle.
2660160000 $46.95

Dirty Water Tank Assembly for Dirt Devil Easy Steamer Deluxe
The complete dirt water tank that you have to lift off of the steamer to dump the dirt water. Includes the handle & the front nozzle.Fits Md# CE6600 & CE6605.
2660160000 $46.95

30 Ft. Dirt Devil Upright Cord Fits all Dirt Devils
Black 30 ft. electrical cord.
DD30FT $22.95

Dirt Cup Lid for Dirt Devil Vision Wide Glide Upright Md# 086700
The lid that goes over the dump cup.
1JI0175600 $7.95

Brushroller for Dirt Devil Platinum Force & Vibes Upright Vacuum
Revolving brushroller for Md# 091020 series vacuum.
2910392000 $22.95

Stretch Hose for Using Tools on Dirt Devil FeatherLite & Jaguar Upright Vacuum
Fits Md# 085525, 085530, 085535, 085540, 085545, 085560. Hose clips into the vacuum via a 2 & 3/4 inch narrow tab.
2855750600 $15.95

Charger for Dirt Devil Stick Vac Md# 083472
7.2 amp charger. If you have the Md# 083472F Md.# then the charger is no longer available.
2SI0347000, 2SI2990000 $14.95

Battery Pack for Dirt Devil Stick Vacuum Md# 083000
Rechargeable battery pack.
2SG1400600 $26.95

Brushroller for Dirt Devil SwivelGlide Md# 086300
Revolving brushroller that the belt goes onto.
2863005000 $22.95

Hose Door Assembly for Dirt Devil Steam Cleaner
Rectangular shaped door that pulls off so that the hose for tools can be inserted into the slot. Comes with rubber ring. Fits Md# CE6100,CE6105,CE7100 & CE7150.
2700755Q00 $5.95

Dirt Devil Steam Cleaner Upper Handle for Md# CE7900
Upper handle complet. Includes grip.
2790791000, 2790800000 $59.95

Plastic Wand for Dirt Devil Upright
The hollow wand that can be attached to the end of the tool hose.
1JC0245600 $5.95

Lower Nozzle Dirt Intake Hose for Dirt Devil Vision Wide Glide Upright Vacuum
The hose that comes from the bottom nozzle and goes up into the vacuum. Fits Md# 088700,088705,088800, 088805,088900,088905 & 088990HD.
2JK0060600 $6.95

Base Charger for Dirt Devil Rechargeable Vacuum Md# BD10000
Base charger with power cord.
2DZ1115000 $28.95

Dirt Devil Brushroller for Vision Canister Md# 082600
Revolving brush assembly that the belt goes on to.
2211300000 $32.95

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