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Eureka Vacuum Supplies

Eureka Vacuum Bags

Paper Bags for Eureka Upright Airsteam Md#6200 Series-Style DX
Disposable DX paper bags. (4 pack)
61525 $7.95

Stlye V Paper Bags for Eureka Canister
3 per pack
52358A-6 $5.95

AA Filteraire Paper Bag (Micro)/Eureka
Micro Filtration (3 per Pack)fits Victory series.
58623A $7.95

AA Paper Bag 3 PK/Eureka
Paper Bag 3 pack
58236B-6 $6.95

Style B Eureka Paper Bags (3 pk) for Canisters
Paper Bag 3 Pack. Fits old style metal canister vacuums. ie..Ironsides, 1700 Series.
52329 $5.95

Style C Filteraire Paper Bag (Micro)/Eureka (3pk)
Micro Filtration
52318a, 57697 $7.95

Style C Paper Bag Mity Mite/Eureka 3 pk
Paper Bags 3 pack
52318-12 $5.95

Excalibur Mega Canister Bags/Eureka
Paper Bag 3 Pack fits excalibur powerteam canister Md#6975,6990
58624-12 $7.95

F&G 3PK Paper Bag/Eureka
Paper Bag 3 Pack
52320A-12 $4.95

Style F & G Allergy Paper Bags (3 PK) for Eureka Upright Vacuum
Micro Filtration. Paper bag attaches at the bottom of the inside of the outer bag with a coiled spring.
57695 $7.95

Style F&G (9 PK) Allergy Paper Bags for Eureka Upright Vacuum
Paper Bag 9 Pack allergy filtration.
54924 $16.95

Style H Eureka Paper Bags (3 pack)
Paper Bag 3 Pack. The paper bag wraps around the motor.
52323 $5.95

Style MM Allergy Paper Bags (9 pack) for Eureka Mighty Mite Canister
Paper Bag 9 per Pack.
60297, ER-14444-9 $16.95

Style MM Allergy Paper Bags for Eureka Mighty Mite Canister (3PK)
Allergy paper Bags 3 Pack.
60296-12 $7.95

Style J Eureka Upright Paper Bags
Allergy paper bags. 3 pack.
61995A $5.95

N Paper Bag 3PK/Eureka
Paper Bag 3 Pack
57988-12 $5.95

RR Paper Bag 3PK for Eureka Smartvac Upright
Paper Bag 3 Pack
61115-12 $7.95

SL Paper Bags for Eureka/Sanitaire for Md# SC785 & S782
Allergy paper Bags ( 3 per pack).
61125 $5.95

T Style Eureka Paper Bag (3PK) for 970 Series
Paper Bag 3 Pack
61555A-6 $5.95

Style U Allergy Filtration Eureka Paper Bags (3pack)
Micro Filtration. Fits Bravo upright vacuum.
57802A $7.95

Style U Allergy Paper Bags for Eureka Upright (10 pack)
Paper Bag 10 Pack. Fits Bravo upright vacuum.
54918-10 $24.95

U Paper Bag 3PK/Eureka
Paper Bag 3 Pack
54310A-12 $5.95

Style V Allergy Filtration Paper Bags 3PK/Eureka Canister
Micro Filtration. 99% dust free. Fits world vac,express Eureka canisters.
57698A-6 $7.95

Y Paper Bag 3PK/Eureka
Paper Bag 3 Pack
58183 $6.95

Z Paper Bag 3PK/Eureka
Paper Bag 3 Pack
52339-12 $5.95

Style L Bags Eureka
Fits Model 960 series vacuums.
61715 $5.95

Litespeed Style LS Paper bags (3 pk)/Eureka
Fits Model # 5810.
61820 $7.95

Eureka Central Vacuum Paper Bags
Central Vac Bags for all Eureka Central Vac systems.
54585, 54597 $17.95

Style OX paper Bags (Allergy 4 pk)-Fits Eureka Oxygen & Europa Canisters
Fits Md.#'s 6998,6994,6997 &6999. Also replaces style BB bags.
61230 $8.95

Style EX Bags for Eureka Canister
(3 per Pack) Fits Md# 6978,6993
60284 $7.95

Style UB Paper Bags/Eureka
Paper bags style UB.
61240, ER1455 $7.95

Style PL Paper Bags for Eureka Upright Vacuum (3 pk)
Style PL
62389 $5.95

Style CN-2 Paper Bags for Eureka Md# 6833 Canister (3 pk)
Paper bag (3 pack).
61990A $6.95

Eureka Paper Bag Style AS (3 per pack)
Fits Eureka AS105 style vacuum.
68155 $9.95

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