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Eureka Vacuum Parts


Brushroll for Lite Speed,Boss Power Plus & Maxima Md# 4700 Eureka Upright
Brushroll (12 1/2 inches long) for the eureka Lite Speed. (See part # 61869-1 for the 14 1/2 inch long brushroller).
60844-10, 60844-5, 61861-1 $22.95

Hose (Electric) 3 prong for Eureka Canisters Md#6877,6876,6875
Electric hose for Eureka Canisters with 3 prong outlet.Complet includes switch and pistol grip.
60791-2, 54544-1 $119.95

Motor for Nozzle of Sanitaire Md# S782 & SC785
Nozzle motor
61188-2 $38.95

Plastic Wand for Eureka Mighty Mite
Plastic wand for Eureka Mighty Mite vacuums.See prt.# 72953 for metal telescopic wand.
13719-3, FA5005-3 $7.95

Carpet/Bare Floor Attachment/Eureka Mighty Mite
Carpet and bare floor attachment for Eureka mighty mites. See prt.# FA5623 for floor tool with up & down tabs.
39134-6, 39139-1 $17.95

Brushroller for Eureka Excaliber Upright Vacuum
Revolving brushroller that takes the round belt in the middle of the brushroller.
60174-1 , 60467-2 $32.95

Push Button On / Off Switch for Eureka Canister Md# 3100 Series
On & off switch for Eureka Canister that takes the style C paper bags.
13738-5, 54151-3 $8.95

Electric Hose for Europa & Excalibur Eureka Canister Md#6978
Complete electric power hose with on/off and selector.
60782-1, 60540-1 $79.95

Upper Wand (Metal) for Eureka Md#6900 Series Europa Canister
Metal upper wand. Attaches to hose grip.
37738-8 $16.95

Motor Filter/Eureka Excalibur Canister
Motor filter for the Model(s) 6975, 6990
54902 $12.95

Final Filter/Eureka Excalibur Canister(no longer available)
Final filter for the model(s) 6975, 6990.The rectangular filter that is on the back top of the vacuum and is covered by a grid.
58626, 54906 $0.00

Handle Socket Assembly (Metal) for Sanitaire Upright Vacuums
Swivel yoke on the bottom base assembly that the lower metal handle pole slides into.
38183-1SV, 38183-1 $15.95

Rear Wheel for Eureka Canister Md# 6900 Series
Rear wheel for main body
54895 $5.95

Brushroller for Eureka Upright Md#5800 Series - Litespeed Whirlwind
Brushroller for main unit. Fits Md#5848. Measures 14 & 1/2 inches. (not the hand vac). See prt.# 16861-1 for the 12 1/2 inch brushroller.
61869-1 $22.95

Eureka Electric Hose for Md# 6998A Europa Powerteam Canister
Electric hose complete. Just take the old hose off & put the new hose on.
60852-4, 60853-1 $84.95

Motor for Powerhead (old Style) Eureka Canisters
Motor for powerhead. Black casing with 2 wires coiming out of it.
ER6050 $42.95

World Vac/Bravo Fan Small
Under 10 amp Worldvac fan small.
ER2810,27531 $12.95

Switch (on/off) for Smart Vac Md# 4870 & 4875 Upright
on/off switch
39455-1, 20873 $6.95

Switch (on/off) for Eureka Md#5700 Series
On/off rocker switch.
39455-1, 20873 $6.95

Motor for the Brushroller on Eureka Upright Md# 5892 &5893AVZ & Genesis II 5900 Series
Electric motor that drives the roller. Motor & pulley assembly.
62373-1 $67.95

Metal Motor. Fits all Sanitaires that dont have tools-on-board and the outer bag is on the back of handle.
15942-1, 54352-3 $82.95

Hose with Adapter & Coupling Eureka (S4170,SC4570)
Hose with adapter and coupling for Eureka models S4170, SC4570.
60920-2 $19.95

Battery for Model 96A or 96B/Eureka
Battery for Model 96A or 96B
60776, 39150 $33.95

Carpet & Barefloor Tool (fit all) with up/down Brush Selector
Fits all universal wands and Eureka Mighty Mites. Has the tabs to put the bristles in or out. Hole is 1 & 1/4.
FA5623 $17.95

Rear Wheel for Mighty Mite II/Eureka
Rear wheels for Eureka Mighty Mite that takes the Style N paper bags.
14762-1 $15.95

Fan that fits Upright Eurekas/Sanitaires that have the belt in the middle of the roller
Fan for Uprights that take the style F & G or Z paper Sanitaire & Commercial.
12988-3, 12988-1, ER2800 $12.95

Brovo II Brush Roll 15 in./Eureka
Brush roll
60244-1 $22.95

Victory Brush Roll 12 in./Eureka
Brush Roll for Eureka uprights that take the Stle AA bags (non-commercial).
60844-10, 60844-2, 60844-5 $22.95

VG II Brush Roll 16 in./Eureka
Metal Brush Roll Fits Sanitaire wide track
53271 $59.95

Power Nozzle Brush Roll small pully/Eureka
10.858 $24.95

Brushroller for Eureka Excalibur Upright
Revolving brushroller
60467-2, 60167-1 $36.95

1-sp Handle Switch Snap/Eureka
25.110 $10.50

4352 Switch Assembly/Eureka
15377-2 $9.95

Excalibur Micro Switch/Eureka
27410 $7.95

Excalibur Rocker Switch for Eureka Upright (6 prong)
Three way switch with 6 electrical prongs. See prt. # 27871 for 3 prong switch.
38349-3 $24.95

Express Power Nozzle Switch/Eureka
54151-1 $7.95

Rocker Switch/Eureka
60562 $7.95

Push button Metal Switch for old style Eureka/Sanitaire Uprights & Canisters.
Metal switch with long wire leads. Used in upright vacuums that take style F&G paper bags or the Eureka canister that takes the style B paper bags
36409-13 $14.95

Switch Cover for Eureka Canister Switch
Button that covers the electrical switch
27363-119NSV, 27363-119N $7.95

Ultra Switch 7585/Eureka
36056-4 $14.95

Victory Switch/Eureka
61049-1 $19.95

World Vac Switch 7890/Eureka
15377-5 $10.50

Fitall Push Switch 8 Amp
54315 $9.95

Motor 5.5 amp/Eureka
54773 $79.95

SC490 Motor/Eureka
54385 $104.95

Victory Motor 12 Amp/Eureka
Motor 12 amp
60066 $64.95

1400 Motor Pully/Eureka
58513-2 $7.50

Motor Pully Long/Eureka
49507-1 $6.95

Wooden Brushroller with Metal Pulley/Eureka Canister
Wooden Brushroller for powerhead. Old style with metal pulley.
53348-1 $29.95

World Vac Power Nozzle Motor/Eureka-New Style
Powerhead motor. Fits 6800,6900 and 8200 series vacuums.
54343-1/54343-6 $42.95

Brush Roll #6800 Series Canister WorldVac/Eureka
Wooden Brush Roll 12 in. for powerhead of WorldVac canister and bravo upright
60797-2/54641-1 $24.95

Switch/Cord Reel Button Cover for Eureka Canisters
Cover that goes over the cord reel button.
27363-119NSV, 27363-119N $7.95

Powerhead (Deluxe) with Metal Roller/Fits old style Eureka Canisters (2 Prong)
Deluxe powerhead with metal roller & replaceable brushes. 2 wire cord. Fits old style canisters.
53592-7 $159.95

Motor for Eureka Canister Md#6980
Main suction motor.
61079/61234 $139.95

Gasket for Plastic Sanitaire Fan Cover-Upright
Small rubber foam gasket that goes around the fan cover.
30517 $1.50

Wiring for Grip in Hose Canister Md#6900 Series-Eureka
Complet wiring that goes inside the handle grip of 6900 series Eurekas.
39338-A $22.95

Bare Floor Attachment for Express & Rally Eureka Canister
Bare Floor Attachment fits all Eureka canisters.
54309-7 $19.95

Shop Vac Blower Nozzle 2.5 Dia./Eureka
2.5 inch Blower attachment attaches to either a 2.5 inch hose or wand
54804 $4.25

Shop Vac Extension Wand 2.5 Dia./Eureka
Extend your reach an additional 18 inches
27576-1 $4.25

Switch on/off for Eureka Canister Md#6975
Switch that turns the main unit on/off
54995 $22.95

Vibragroomer VG I Brushroller 12 inch/Eureka
Eureka Vibra Groomer I Brushroll.
53272 $49.95

VG I Brushroller (16 inch) for Eureka Sanitaire Commercial Upright Vacuum
Eureka Vibra Groomer I metal Brushroller. Fits Sanitaire Md# SC899.
53273 $54.95

Power Nozzle Motor/Eureka Powerteam Canisters
Power nozzle motor for model # 6993 & 8280 canister vacuums.
53419-2, ER6050 $42.95

Brushroll for Eureka Canister Md #6993, 6996 & Oxygen Md# 6999
Brushroll for the Eureka canister model 6993, 6996 & Central Vac Md# E1362
26590-2, 53411-1, 53411-2, $52.95

Handle For SC785/Eureka Sanitaire
Single piece handle for Md#SC785
61200-2 $19.95

Roller Base Housing/Upright Md#4400 Series/ Eureka Widetrack
Plastic housing where the roller fits into.
60701-12 $24.95

Lower Metal Wand with 2 Prong Cord for Eureka Canisiter 6900 Series
Lower metal wand and pigtail/cord with 2 male prongs on the end of the cord.
39040A-2, 39040A-1 $26.95

Switch for Victory Upright Md#4350,51,4440,55,60,65,66
On/off switch for Victory uprights
15182-2 $26.95

Handle for Eureka Stick Vacuums-Md#93,161,167- (lock bolt & Nut)
Single pole handle for Md#93,161,167. Comes with grip and screw/bolt package.
38625-1/ 28625-1 $17.95

Central Vacuum Hose 30 Foot with 2 Position Switch
30 ft. electric hose with 2 prong female end in the pump grip handle. Switch in the grip turns the powerhead & or the main unit on & off. Includes 6 foot electrical cord.
60792-1, 54608 $174.95

Powerhead(motorized) for Eureka Canisters
Motorized powerhead (complete) fits all Eureka canisters that have a single push-in button METAL wand. Wooden Md# 6982
FA5750-3, 54576-8 $109.95

Outer Cloth Bag (triple filter) with Zipper for Eureka Domestic Vacuums
Fits Eureka upright that takes the (F & G) style paper bags. Attaches with 2 screws on the bottom. See prt.# 53506-1 for Commercial outer bag with the zipper.
53977-29 $32.95

Electric Hose Eureka Canister Md # 6878-A (2 wire)
Electric hose (2 wire)
60791-1 $72.95

Barefloor and Wall Tool for Eureka Canister Vacuum
Fits onto the wands of all newer style Eureka canisters ie..Md#6878, 6978.
54785 $16.95

Metal Brush Roller with Replaceable Brush Strips for Eureka Canisters
Metal roller with the pulley on the side. Fits Express canisters..
26590-2, 53411-1, 53411-2, $52.95

Electric Hose with Button Lock for Eureka Canister Vacuum
Electric hose fits old style canisters with button lock. Push the button in, turn counter clockwise and the hose comes out.
53420-3, ER4000 $58.95

Upper/Lower Cord Retainer Hooks Eureka
Fits on the handle of Eureka vacs whose outer bag is on the back of the handle.
53574-2 $9.95

Main Suction Motor for Eureka Excalibur Upright
Motor for 6400 series vacuums.
60012 $64.95

Crevice Tool/Eureka
1 1/4 standard crevice tool.
1n1/4th $4.95

Furniture Tool/Eureka
Furniture tool with 1 1/4 inch standard fitting.
1n1/4inFT $5.95

Victory Switch Cover
Switch cover for Eureka victory.
27474C-288N $1.95

Attachment Hose for Mighty Mite Md#3600 Series
Fits the Bagless and the Mighty Mite that takes the style MM paper bags. See prt.# 60954-4 for short rear blower hose.
60289-7, 60289-1, 60289-2 $28.95

Electric Hose for Eureka Canister Md# 6975
Swivel hose. 2 wire with machine end and handle assembly. Fits Md#6975
60794-1 $89.95

Rear Wheel for Mighty Mite/Eureka
Large rear wheel for Mighty Mite that takes the Style MM paper bags.
15409A-119N $6.95

Outer Bag (Grey or Red) with Zipper/Eureka- Commercial and Sanitiaire
Outer bag with clasp on the bottom. Takes paper bag style F & G inserts. Replaces old style (red) outer bag.
53506-8, 53506-7, 53506-1, ER1260 $34.95

Screw Set for Metal Eureka Upright Handles
Male and female side of screw to fit on Eureka commercial and sanitiaire metal handles.
53198-1 $4.50

Handle Metal/Top Half -Eureka Upright Commercial
Upper half of handle for commercial and Sanitiare uprights.
25329-16SV $15.50

Hose for #4400 Victory Series Upright Eurekas
Hose for upright Eureka Victory series 4400. Takes style AA bags.
61028-1 $14.95

Upholstery tool for Eureka Canister Md# 6800 Series
Upholstery tool fits eureka canister vacuums.
38284-3 $6.95

Vertical Shaft Motor (7amp) for Sanitaire & Ultra Upright Vacuums
Fits all Eureka & Saniatire Vacuums that take a style F & G,ST or Z paper bags.
54352-11 $59.95

Roller for old Style Eureka Uprights-Wooden with Hex ends
Roller for uprights that take the Style F & G bags.
ER2002, 53350-1 $22.95

Switch in the Hose for Eureka Excalibur -Canister
Switch and wire harness that goes in the pistol grip of the hose. It has a varitable control (pot) and a three wire connector for the pigtail on the hose. Md# 6993,6892.
27494-1 $24.95

Brushroller for Widetrack Eureka Upright Bagless,Self-Propelled, Contour & Lite Speed Md#5800 series
Wide track brushroller. 15 inch.
ER2028, 62228-3, 61308-2, 62228-2, ER2025 $22.95

Rocker Switch for Eureka Excalibur
Replacement switch for Eureka Excalibur. 3 position. 6 connection tabs.
38348-2, 38348-3 $12.95

Motor Brushes for Eureka & Sanitaire Motors (2 pack)
Motor brushes for Eureka & Sanitaire with a vertical shaft motor & a plastic fan. 2 per pack.
ER6310, 30478 $9.95

Cord 30 Foot Fitall Black, 2 Wire
Replacement cord 30 foot, 2 wire, black fitall.
30ft $18.95

Base Assembly(Roller Housing)-Victory Series #4300/Eureka Upright
Base assembly (where the roller goes) includes height knob.
60843-13 $32.95

Fan-Eureka Bravo & Worldvac(12 Amp.) Upright
12 amp fan fits Eureka bravo and worldvac. Fits only the 12 amp machines.
27930 $14.95

Hose for Eureka Smart Vac Upright Md# 4870 Series
Extension hose for using the onboard tools.
61247-1 $28.95

Brush Roller for Eureka Stick Vac Md#.'s 93,94,96,167,168
Belt driven brush roll for stick vacs.
54578 $16.95

Motor Assembly-Fits Oldstyle Ironsides Eureka Canisters Md#. 1700 Series
1 stage, sleeve bearing motor for old metal Eureka canisters.
T041-3531-04, 05852803 $79.95

Brushroller for Eureka Upright Md#4300 Series
Revolving brushroller for 4300 series.
60844-10, 60844-5, 60251-1, 60251-3, $22.95

Motor/Eureka Bravo
Motor assembly for Eureka Bravo Model 9751.
54363-5 $59.95

Flexible Accordian Blower Hose for Eureka Mighty Mite Canister
Short blower hose for all Fits Mighty Mites that are bagless or take the style MM paper bags. See prt.# 60289-7 for stiff non-accordian attachment hose.
60954-4 $19.95

Dump Cup for Eureka Bagless 4D Upright Vacuum
Fits Md# 5892AVZ. Complete dump cup. Does not include lid. See prt.# 73500 for lid.
74072 $17.95

Brushroller for Smart Vac 4870 Upright
Revolving brushroll for upright smart vacs.
ER-2027, 61250-5, 61250-3 $26.95

Power Nozzle W/Pigtail Eureka Worldvac
Power nozzle complete with pigtail, fits model 6865A. Wooden roller.
54575-23 $109.95

Cord Hook(Upper & Lower)Sanitaire Red-Commercial
large upper & lower cord hooks for 50 ft. cords
PE-7050, 53574-4, 53574-1, E-53574-5 $5.95

Brushroller for Eureka Altima Upright Md# 2981,2961 & 2924
Complete brush roller with end caps.
ER2028, 62228-3, 61308-2, 62228-2, ER2025 $22.95

Telescopic Eureka Metal Wand
Telescopic metal wand for tool usage. Fits all mighty mites. inch 1/4 diameter.
72953, 39514 $27.95

Speed Control Circuit Board Assembly (complete) Eureka Canister
Variable speed control for Eureka Md#6800 series. Includes circuit board.
26630-1 $28.95

Electric Hose for Eureka Canister Md#1200 Series
Electric Hose for very old style Eureka Canister that has 2 wire clips that hold the hose into the hole on the canister.
53351-9 $69.95

Brushroller for Eureka Canister Md# 6983
Revolving brushroller for powerhead
61699/61677 $29.95

Round coiled Spring that holds the Eureka Style F & G and the Royal Style A Paper Bags to the Bag Collar Tube
Round coil spring that secures the paper tube to the bottom of the inside of the outer bag.
48410 $4.95

Electric Hose (complete) for Eureka Express Canister, Series #8200
Electric hose (includes grip) for Express series canisters.This hose does not have the variable speed dial on the grip. The hose with the variable speed is no longer available.
54665-2, 53499-8 $72.95

Hose for Eureka Central Vacuum with 3 way Switch
30 ft. electric hose with 3 way switch. Turns main unit on/off & powerhead on/off. Fits Eureka and Beam central vac systems.
050800 $199.99

Dusting Brush for Eureka Canisters Md# 6800 Series
Dusting Brush.
54505-3 $7.95

Hose Assembly for Eureka Canister Md. # 3987
Electric hose with roller on/off switch. Does not include grip (see prt.# 54657-4).
53543-1 $42.95

Motor for Excaliber Canister - Md # 6900 Series Eureka
main suction motor. Fits model # 6990.
61944 $128.95

Rear Wheel/Eureka
Rear wheel for Eureka Oxygen model 6984A.
54895-1 $9.95

Switch and connector Harness for Eureka Canister Md # 8200 Series
The wiring inside the grip of the electric hose. Includes on/off slide switch and 3 hole female receptacle that the cord from the powerhead plugs into the grip.
37774-1 $16.95

Power Cord For Eureka Canister Powerhead (3 Wire)
The cord that comes up from the powerhead and connects into the grip of the hose. Has three prongs at the end where it connects into the grip of the hose.
37751-1, 37755-1 $10.95

Switch and TCO Kit/Eureka
Switch and TCO kit for Model 4465 series vacuums.
15377-4 $29.95

Power Nozzle Motor for Eureka & GE Canister
Power nozzle motor for Eureka power nozzle E1372 & GE Md#106766 & 6850.
54343-6, 26159-10 $42.95

Cord for Powerhead on Old Style Eureka Canisters (pigtail)
The cord that is wired into the powerhead and runs up the metal wands and plugs into the grip. 2 male prongs plug into the hose at the grip.
2wrpgtl $12.95

Cord for Bravo Eureka Upright
Electrical cord that fits all Eureka Bravo Uprights.
27535A-1 $22.95

Wheel (rear) for Eureka Powerhead Express Design
The rear wheel on the powerhead. ie..8200 series.
37434-2 $3.95

Handle for Bagless Whirlwind Lite Md # 402
Slide down handle.
61326-1 $17.95

Elbow /Swivel Yoke for Eureka Powerhead Md #6800 Series
On the powerhead it is the part that the wand connects into.
38379-1 $7.95

Lite Bulb (25 wt.) for Eureka Vacuums
Two tab connector push-in and turn.
25bulb $3.00

Rear wheels & Axle Assembly for Eureka Smart Vac Upright
2 rear wheels & axle assembly.
70026-2SV, 70026SV $16.95

Upper Handle for Eureka Bravo Series #7600
Upper handle that you grip to push the vacuum along.
38687-4 $39.95

Lid for the Dump Cup on Md# 2981,2971 & 2972 Eureka Upright
The lid that goes on the top of the dump cup.
74094-1 $7.95

Base Assembly for Eureka Capture Upright Vacuum Md# 8803AVZ & 8852
Base assembly that the brushroller & motor fits into.
65128-1 $49.95

Non Electric Hose for Eureka Oxygen Canister Md# 6994
Non electric hose for Eureka Oxygen canister that does not have an electric power head. See prt.# 61054-2 for electric hose.
61260-1 $74.95

Rear Wheel for Lite Speed Md# 5800 & SC5815 Series Upright Eureka Vacuum
Rear wheel. Fits on the back of the base.
72117-119N $6.95

Combo Dusting/Furniture Tool for Eureka Litespeed & Ultra Smart Vac Cyclonic Upright
2 in 1 tool.
60990-2 $6.95

Switch for all Mighty Mite Eureka Vacuums that take the style MM Paper Bags
On/off switch.
28304A-2 $7.95

Dusting Brush with Horse Hair Bristles Standard inch 1/4 size hole
Dusting brush with horse hair bristles.
dustbr $8.95

Base Assembly for Altima Eureka Upright
The bottom base assembly that holds the brushroller and has the wheels attached to it.
62090-1 $22.95

Switch (on/off) for Eureka Altima Upright Vacuum
The round on/off switch located in the middle of the top of the vacuum.
76621-1, 76464 $6.95

Switch (on/off) for Eureka True Clean Upright Vacuum
The round on/off switch located above the dump cup. Fits Md# 2961BVZ.
76621-1, 76464 $6.95

Switch (on/off) for Victory Eureka Upright
Push button (on/off) switch.
15376-1 $7.95

Switch Cover for Genesis Md# 5902
Switch cover.
73356-2 $19.95

Eureka Brushroller for Md# 4236AZ Upright Vacuum
Revolving brushroller that the belt goes onto.
63391-1 $22.95

Hose for Genesis Upright Md# 5892BVZ ,5892 AVZ, 5856BVZ & 5857
The hose that is used for doing tool work.
61865-4, 61865-6 $34.95

Brushroller for Eureka Maxima Upright Md# 5550 Series
Revolving brushroller.
60909-4, 60909-3, 62352-1 $22.95

Main Suction Motor for Eureka Canister Model # 6858
Main suction Motor. Includes fans & motor brushes.
60261-14, 60261-7 $44.95

Height Adjustment Knob for Eureka Altima Upright Vacuum
The knob that turns to adjust the carpet height.
72472-355N $1.75

Height Adjustment Knob for Eureka Altima Upright Vacuum
The knob that turns to adjust the carpet height.
72472-355N $1.75

Suction Motor for Genesis Eureka Upright Md# 5892AVZ
The complete main suction motor.
62075-2 $59.95

Hose for Eureka Bravo II Upright Md# 7600 Series
The extension hose that is used for doing tool work.
60954-1 $15.95

Cup Lid for Eureka Capture Upright Vacuum
Hinged lid that covers the dump cup.
78436 $10.95

Upper Handle for Eureka Upright Md# 2971AV
Upper handle. Includes wand clip & uppper cord hook. See prt.# 75765-2 for handle on the 2971BVZ
74101-6, 74101 $16.95

Express Powerhead Complete for Eureka Canister (2 Prong)
Electrical powerhead with revolving metal brushroller. Fits Eureka canisters that have a metal push in button lock wand. Includes motor, roller & 2 prong male cord that plugs up into the hose.
53592-7 $149.95

Filter Cover for Eureka Smart Vac Md#4870
The cover that goes over the HEPA Exit filter located on the front lower panel of the vacuum.
61255-1, 61255-2 $9.95

Dirt Cup Container for Eureka Upright Md# 2961
Cup that you dump the dirt out of.
73301-462N $14.95

Handle Socket Swivel Yoke for Eureka Europa Canister Md# 6900 Series
The swivel yoke on the powerhead that the wand slides down into.
56830-3, 14142A-2 $12.95

On / Off Switch for Eureka Litespeed Md# 5800 Series
Rocker on off switch.
28073A $6.95

Hose Grip Switch & Wiring Harness for Eureka Canister Md# 6975
The wiring & switch inside the grip. Includes pitail connections.
38346 $16.95

Dusting Brush for Eureka Sanitaire Liteweight Md# SC785 & S782
Dusting brush for Eureka Sanitaire with the fold down handle.
61126-1, 61126 $4.95

Nozzle Dirt Intake Tube for Eureka Upright Victory Md# 4400 Series
Nozzle tube on the bottom of the vac that the attachment hose plugs into. Fits vacuums that take the style AA paper bags.
38479-2, 38479-1 $4.95

Brushroller for Eureka Upright Vacuum Md# 3277AVZ
Revolving Brushroller that the belt goes around.
15929-1, 62228-3 $22.95

3 Prong Electric Powerhead Cord for Eureka Canister Md# 6990
3 wire Cord that is wired into the powerhead and plugs into the grip of the hose.
37751-2 $9.95

Dust Cup & Handle Assembly for Eureka Capture Upright Vacuum
The cup that the dirt goes into. Fits Md# 8851.
78437-1 $14.95

Dump Out Cup Complete for Mini Whirlwind Eureka Upright Md# 402 A-2
The cup that you dump the dirt out of. Includes the inside rubber flap.
76487 $15.95

2 Front Wheels for Eureka Upright Md# 2996AVZ,2996BVZ & 2996DVZ
Wheels that go on the front wheel assembly.
39173A-119N $3.95

Front Wheel Axle for Eureka Upright Md#2996DVZ, 2996BVZ & 2996AVX
The axle for the front wheel carraige that the wheels slide onto.
71478 $2.50

Suction Motor for Eureka Upright Md# 4700
Main motor.
62568 $49.95

Bottom Plate for Eureka Upright Smart Vac Md# 4870
Sole plate / bottom plate that is on the bottom of the vacuum and covers the brushroller.
70024ASV $12.95

Plastic Upper Handle for Eureka Upright Vacuum
Upper handle with hose clip and swivel upper cord hook.
75765-1 $18.95

Revolving Brushroller for Eureka Canister Vacuum Md# 6982
Brushroller that the belt goes around. Roller comes with bearing and end caps.
61235-1 $32.95

Clear Plastic Dump Cup for Md# 437 Mini Eureka Upright Vacuum
The dump cup that the dirt goes into.
63577-1 $14.95

Supply Cord & Terminal Assembly for Eureka Smart Vac Upright
Electrical cord for Md# 4870 smart vac.
39585-6, 38680-12 $19.95

Cloth Pad for Eureka Enviro Steamer Md# 313
Cloth pad that wraps around & under the floor steamer head.
60978 $22.95

Base Assembly for Eureka Capture Upright Vacuum Md# 8803BVZ
Bottom base assembly that the roller goes into. Includes wheels.
65128 $49.95

Bendable Attachment Hose for Eureka Bagless Canister Md# 3690
Non-acccordian flexible attachment hose. See prt.# 60954-4 for accordian hose.
60289-4 $19.95

Metal Wand with Button Lock for Eureka Canisters & Central Vacuums
Straight metal wand with protuding button.
FA5001 $14.95

Eureka Electric Cord for all Md# 4700 Upright Vacuum
30 foot electric cord.
83947-1 $19.95

Deluxe Floor Tool for Eureka Canisters Md# 6800 Series
Will fit any Eureka or Electrolux vacuum with a round inch and a quarter wand size hole.
39632-1 $19.95

Cup Lid for Eureka Md# 432 Upright Vacuum
The lid that covers the top of the cup.
74781-400P $7.95

Power Cord Pigtail for Eureka Canister Md# 6984
2 prong cord that seats inside the quick-disconnect swivel neck on the powerhead.
61735 $7.95

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