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Hoover Vacuum Supplies

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Upholstery Turbo Hand Tool with out release tab for Hoover Steam Cleaner
Hand tool with 2 revolving brushes that fits onto the end of the hose.Fits Md# f5881,f5883 & f5884.
48439001 $59.95

A Micro Filtration 3PK/Hoover
Micro Filtration 3 pack
4010100A $7.95

Hoover Style A Paper Bags (9 pack) Allergy Filtration
Paper Bag 9 Pack with micro/allergy filtration.
4010324A, HR14313-9 $14.95

A Paper Bag 3PK/Hoover
Paper Bag 3 pack
4010001A $4.95

Style C Paper Bag 4PK/Hoover
Paper Bag 4 pack. The paper bag is a long sack and attaches to the inside tube at the bottom of the outer bag.
4010003C $5.95

Outer Cloth Bag for Hoover Dump Cup that has the Side Latches
Upper cloth outer bag that has the dump cup that comes off with 2 side latches. See prt.# 36155011 for side latches.
43667056, 43667051 $54.95

D Paper Bag 3PK 12 SC/Hoover
Paper Bag 3 pack
4010005D $4.95

Windtunnel,Futura,Spectrum Bag Holder/Collar for Hoover Canister
U shaped black collar that the style S bag slides into.
36424010 $4.95

Style H Paper Bags for Hoover Celebrity Canister
Paper Bag 3 pack
4010009H $6.95

J Paper Bag 4PK/Hoover
Paper Bag 4 pack
405396 $3.95

K Paper Bag 3PK/Hoover
Paper Bag 3 pack
4010028K $5.95

K Micro Filtration 3PK/Hoover
Micro Filtration 3 pack
4010100K $9.95

M Paper Bag 3PK/Hoover
Paper Bag 3 pack
4010037M $5.95

Style R Hoover Paper Bag 5PK
Paper Bag 5 pack.
4010063A $7.95

S Style- Micro Filtration Paper Bags for Hoover Canisters
Micro Filtration 3 pack. Fits Windtunnel and Spectrum canisters
4010100S $6.95

S Paper Bag 3PK/Hoover
Paper Bag 3 pack. Fits Windtunnel and Spectrum canisters.
4010064S $4.95

Type N Paper Bag 5PK 12CS/Hoover
Type N Paper Bag 5 pack
4010038N $5.95

Y Micro Filtration 3PK/Hoover
Micro Filtration 3 pack fits all windtunnels.
4010100Y $6.95

Z Micro Filtration 3PK/Hoover
Micro Filtration 3 pack
4010100Z $7.95

Z Paper Bag 3PK/Hoover
Paper Bag 3 pack
4010075Z $5.95

Cloth Bag/Portapower-Hoover Canister
Cloth bag that goes inside the Hoover Portapower canister.
43662023 $16.95

Style I Disposable Cloth/Paper Bags for Hoover Platinum Canister Vacuum (2 per pack)
High filtration,allergy,disposabl bags.
AH10005 $7.95

Y Cloth Hepa Windtunnel Upright bags/Hoover
Disposable Cloth bag style Y (can also be used with Z type) 2 per pack. For all upright cleaners using Hoover Y bags.
4010801Y $12.95

Style Y Micro Allergy Paper Bags for Hoover Upright (9 pk)
Hoover Y bags. Fits all Hoover windtunnel uprights.
Y-9PK $16.95

Style H30 Hoover Canister Bags-(5 Pk )with Filter
Bags for new style runabout. Includes 1 secondary filter & 5 bags.
40101001 $12.95

Style H-R30 or R-30 Hoover Canister Paper Bags (5 bags & 1 Filter)
Fits Clebrity II. Md# S3059,3079,3127,3161
40101002 $12.95

Paper Bags for Hoover Conquest Double Upright Vacuum Md# C1830 (10 pack)
Fits the conquest vacuums that look like 2 vacuums put together.
59151073 $56.95

Style W2 Paper Bags (3 pk) for Hoover Windtunnel 2 Md# U8311-900
3 pack of High Filtration allergy bags. Has the green plastic collar.
401010W2 $10.95

Style SR Paper Bags (Allergy) for Hoover Duros Canister Vacuum (3 per pack)
3 pack style SR paper bags. Fits Duros canister vacuum.
401011SR, 401010SR $8.95

Style B Hoover Paper Bag for Clean & Light, Upright Vacuum (3 pack)
Allergy paper bag. Fits Md# U4707
4010103bB, 4020102B $14.95

Style Q Cloth/Paper Disposable Bags for Platinum Hoover Upright Vacuum (2 per pack)
Diposable, high filtration, allergy bags.
AH10000 $12.95

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