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Hoover Vacuum Parts

Front Wheel Assembly for Windtunnel Hoover Upright
Fits all the Hoover windtunnel upright vacuums.
Hoover Part #43248064, 43248057 $18.95

6 Brush Block for Hoover V2 Steamer Md#F7425-900
6 brush revolving shampooer block for V2 Md#F7425-900.
Hoover Part #48437030 $38.95

Turbine and Gear Assembly/Hoover Shampooer
Turbine and gear assembly for Hoover shampooer. Models F5877-900, F5879-900, F5880-900, F5888-900
Hoover Part #90001354, 43191001 $49.95

Motor-12amp for V2 Hoover Shampooer
Motor, 12 amp for Hoover shampooer. Models F5877-900. F5879-900, F5880-900, F5888-900,F5872,F5878,F5907. Also order Prt. # 38781074 (motor mount seal).
Hoover Part #27212077, 43576197, 27212051 $89.95

Turbine Upholstery Nozzle for Hoover Steamcleaners
Uprholstery tool (with clip on tab) that has the rotating brushes. Fits V2 steamers * F5800 series Md#F7205,7210,7220,7225
Hoover Part #48439002 $54.95

Cord-30 Foot/Hoover Shampooer
Cord 30 foot for Hoover shampooer. Most upright models.
Hoover Part #46583056 $29.95

Handle Cover/Hoover Shampooer
Handle cover for Hoover shampooer. Models F5877-900, F5879-900, F5880-900, F5888-900
Hoover Part #37276002 $19.95

Turbine Assembly- Hoover Staemer Md#F5878,5866,5899
Turbine gear Assembly.
Hoover Part #43191003 $48.95

Hose and Turbo Upholstery Tool Kit for Hoover Steamer #F5883, (without release tab)
Turbo uphostery tool kit without release tab. For release tab see prt #43436004.
Hoover Part #43436002/40309032 $74.95

Rear Wheel for Hoover Windtunnel Upright Self-Propelled
Rear wheel. Fits all Hoover windtunnels Selfpropelled.
Hoover Part #43244009, 43244005 $14.95

Idler Arm Pulley Assembly for Hoover Windtunnel Self-propelled Upright
Swivel idler arm pulley that belt rubs on. Makes the self-propelled go on/off when handle is in upright position.
Hoover Part #43241003, 43241004 $16.95

Dusting Brush (with tab) fits all Hoover Canisters
New style horse hair bristled dusting brush with lock on tab. Does not fit any Hoover upright vacuum cleaners.
Hoover Part #43414064 $14.95

Furniture Tool (with tab) for Hoover canister Vacuums
Furniture tool with tab that slides into locking mechanism.
Hoover Part #43414057 $9.95

Crevice Tool with tab for Hoover Canister Vacuums.
Crevice tool with tab. Fits all Hoover canister vacuums. See prt. # 38617027 for crevice toll that fits Hoover uprights.
Hoover Part #38617017 $7.95

Self-Propelled Actuator Pivot Arm for Hoover Windtunnel Self Propelled
Pivot that the self-propelled cable is connected to at the transmission.
Hoover Part #43143046 $14.95

Front Wheel Assembly for Hoover V 2 Upright
Front wheel assembly for Hoover V-2 uprights with 4 roller brushroll assembly. Mod#8100 series
Hoover Part #36432044 $28.95

Suction Fan for Hoover Upright Convertible & Decade 80
Slip on plastic fan for Hoovers with the outer bag on the back of the metal handle.Vertical shaft motor. ie.. Decade 80 & old style convertibles. Only for vacuums that do not have tools on board.
Hoover Part #38755010, 38755011, 38755001 $17.95

Motor/Central Vac/Hoover
Hoover central vac motor for model # S5673.
Hoover Part #43577014 $259.95

Shampooer Gasket/Hoover
Gasket for Model F5805. Item # 3
Hoover Part #38784062 $2.90

Shampooer Standpipe Seal/Hoover
Standpipe seal for Model F5805. Item # 39
Hoover Part #38784063 $4.95

Shampooer Motor Intake Seal/Hoover
Motor intake seal for Model F5805. Item # 43
Hoover Part #38784064 $5.40

Motor for Hoover Self Propelled Windtunnel Uprights (not V-2)
Fits all Hoover Windtunnel self propelled vacuums except the (V-2).
Hoover Part #27212069, 43576191, 43576179 $94.95

Windtunnel,Dimension or Futura Canister Metal Extension Wand/Hoover
Metal extension wand (with locking clip) for Hoover Windtunnel,Dimension or Futura cansiter vacuums.
Hoover Part #43453027, 43453018, 43453052 $34.95

Brushroller for Windtunnel Canister Vacuums
Brushroller that goes on the powerhead of the Windtunnel canister vacuums.
Hoover Part #90001371, 48414084 $29.95

WindTunnel Bottom Plate 15 In. Hoover-Upright (non self-propelled)
15 inch bottom plate for Hoover Windtunnel non self-propelled. Includes the partial plastic tube the sits on top of the roller.
Hoover Part #40309026, 40309034, 37243022, 37143022, 37245009, 40309026 $28.95

V2 Roller End Cap-Hoover Upright
End cap that each roller fits into on the Hoover V2 upright vacuum. Each end cap holds one side of 2 rollers.
Hoover Part #41435026/92001022 $2.95

Hose (20 ft.) for Hoover Windtunnel Upright Dump Cup
X-tra long extension hose for upright windtunnels that dont take paper bags.
Hoover Part #43434043 $42.95

Lid for Cup of Hoover V2 Upright
Lid that fits over the dump out cup of the V2 Hoover uprights. Lid also takes an insert cap part # 38411010.
Hoover Part #37249095, 37249035, 37249055 $9.95

Attachment Hose for Hoover Windtunnel V2 Upright Vacuum
Hose for using the attachements. Fits V2 series U8100.
Hoover Part #43431223 $26.95

Shampooer Handle Release Lever/Hoover
Handle release lever for Model F5805. Item # 44
Hoover Part #38458040 $7.95

Shampooer Switch Actuator Lever/Hoover
Switch actuator lever for Model F5805. Item # 46
Hoover Part #38434025 $4.54

Shampooer Valve Stem/Hoover
Valve stem for Model F5805. Item # 50
Hoover Part #38717009 $4.50

Power Head Motor for Hoover Dimension Canister
Motor in the powerhead.
Hoover Part #43177043, 43177073 $98.95

Handle Release Foot Lever for Hoover upright V2's & Savvy
Foot release lever that releases the handle.
Hoover Part #38434026 $4.50

Hoover Clean Water Tank & Solution Tank Assembly for Md# FH50220
Clean water tank. Does not include the 2 twist off caps.
Hoover Part #303763001 $49.95

Shampooer Main Body/Hoover
Main Body for Model F5805. Item # 15
Hoover Part #37272082 $18.84

Roller for Hoover Fold-Away/Windtunnel Md#U5395-960
Roller for fold away
Hoover Part #48414127 $26.95

Motor 12 Amp-for Hoover Upright Vacuum 5200 Series (Long Shaft)
New style 12 AMP motor for U5200 series upright vacuum. Includes fan with low & high blades. Metal shaft extends 1 1/2 from housing.
Hoover Part #43576200 $89.95

On/Off Push Button Switch For Hoover Conquest
On/off switch for all hoover conquest upright vacuums.
Hoover Part #28212009 $15.95

Hose for Windtunnel Hoover Upright (except Mach 2.1 Series)
Tool Hose for attachments for Windtunnel Upright vacuums.Does not fit the Md# U5720-990 (see prt.#43491028)
Hoover Part #43434031, 43434247 $25.95

Shampooer Lock Ring/Hoover
Lock Ring for Model F5805. Item # 16
Hoover Part #13730 $2.38

Shampooer Rear Axle (2)/Hoover
Rear Axle (2) for Model F5805. Item # 19
Hoover Part #32434006 $2.70

Shampooer Cable Tie/Hoover
Cable Tie for Model F5805. Item # 21
Hoover Part #27479307 $2.32

Shampooer Distributor Assembly/Hoover
Distributor Assembly for Model F5805. Item # 23
Hoover Part #43411006 $9.95

Shampooer Control Rod - Lower/Hoover
Control rod - lower for Model F5805. Item # 28
Hoover Part #38458033 $3.95

Shampooer Control Rod - Upper/Hoover
Control rod - upper for Model F5805. Item # 29
Hoover Part #39458033, 38458031 $6.95

Shampooer Lower Handle/Hoover
Lower handle for Model F5805. Item # 30
Hoover Part #39466030 $25.38

Shampooer Cord Wrap/Hoover
Cord Wrap for Model F5805. Item # 32
Hoover Part #39442041 $3.18

Motor Bracket/ Fan side
Side bracket that keeps the motor seured to the base on the fan side. Oposite from the spindle side.
Hoover Part #36131057 $2.00

Clean Water Tank & Soultion Reservoir-Hoover V2 Steamcleaner
Clean water tank for Md#7210,20,22,7430,31,25 & F7425 Includes solution resevoir. Not included is the(handle-prt#39457044).
Hoover Part #42272104, 42272137, 12002549, 90001295 $56.95

Shampooer Trunion Cover L.H./Hoover
Trunion Cover L.H. for Model F5805. Item # 40
Hoover Part #36131086 $4.40

Switch for Hoover Shampooer & Futura Canister
Switch for Model F5805.
Hoover Part #28218061, 28218048 $12.56

Shampooer Motor 7.0 Amp/Hoover
Motor fits Models F5815/25/37/39/64/65/66/67/68/69/71/73/75/81/83/84
Hoover Part #40309009 $114.49

Shampooer Brush Block Assembly 5 BRUSH/Hoover
5- Brush set. Sold complete with clear casings. Fits Models: F5853/57/60/61/63, F5837/39/64/65/67/68/69/71/73/75/81/83/84,86.
Hoover Part #48437022 $34.95

Motor Steam Cleaner-Hoover
Motor kit for Models F5851, F5855,F5857,F5859
Hoover Part #40309008 $104.95

Shampooer Upper Handle Assembly Complete/Hoover
Fits Models: F5853/57/58/60/61/63
Hoover Part #90001257, 48663181 $32.95

Shampooer Hose Assembly/Hoover
Fits Models: F5853/5857/5858/5860/5861/5863
Hoover Part #90001351, 40309007, 43491008 $59.95

Shampooer Handle Lever Guard/Hoover
Fits Models: F5837/39/64/65/67/68/69/81/83/84
Hoover Part #39458006 $12.95

Shampooer Motor Assembly/Hoover
Fits Models: F6020/23/24/25/26/27
Hoover Part #43576210 $88.36

Self-Propelled Control Cable/Hoover Windtunnel
Self propelled control cable for all Windtunnels except V2. Fits into handle grip.
Hoover Part #43211019 $12.95

Steamcleaner-Tool Hose/Hoover
Shampooer cleaning tool hose for model F5859,5815,5817.And all steamers without rotory brushes.
Hoover Part #90001351, 40309007, 40309044, 48481043 $59.95

Door Assembly/ Hoover Shampooer
Door assembly that the accessory hose attaches into to do upholstery. Model F5825, 26.
Hoover Part #37257102 $9.95

Dirty Water Recovery Tank Lid for Hoover Steam cleaner
The lid that goes over the dirty water tank. Fits Md# F5805,F5815, & F5825
Hoover Part #42272111, 422272110 $42.95

Outer Cloth Bag/Hoover Conquest Dump Cup
Outer Cloth Bag-Conquest Dump Cup.
Hoover Part #43667028 $52.95

Wand for Hoover Windtunnel or Elite Upright
Plastic wand for either a Hoover Elite or Windtunnel.
Hoover Part #38634078 $9.95

Brushroll Twin Chamber Bagless/Hoover
Brushroll for Bagless twin chamber. OEM # 48414061
Hoover Part #48414061 $28.95

New Widetrack Style Bare Floor Tool for Upright Powermax and Windtunnel/Hoover
Bare floor tool to fit powermax and windtunnel Upright Vacuums.
Hoover Part #43414142, 59132033 $29.95

Lower Bag Support Collar for Elite/Hoover
Lower slide on collar for outer bag of Hoover Elites with no zippers.
Hoover Part #36425068 $4.50

Handle Cap Elite
Cap that goes on the top of the handle
Hoover Part #37911079 $1.50

Shampooer (5 Brush Block) for Hoover Agility & V2 Steam Cleaner
The spinning 5 brushes that scrub the carpet for the Hoover V2 & Agility steam cleaner/shampooer.
Hoover Part #48437029 $34.95

V2 Recovery Tank/Hoover Steam Cleaner
Recovery(dirty water)tank for the V2/Spin Scrub Hoover shampooers. Includes the lid.
Hoover Part #42272172, 38777075/ 38777069/ 42272083/ 38777073/ 38777074/ 38777077 $56.95

Lower Handle
Lower Handle for Hoover Elite/Legacy
Hoover Part #39464005 $19.95

Nut and Bolt
Nut and bolt that keep the upper assumbly attached to the lower. For Elite /Legacy
Hoover Part #40201085 $1.50

Rear Wheel for Hoover Elite & Legacy Upright
Rear wheel for Hoover Elite/Legacy
Hoover Part #38522011 $3.95

Rear Wheel Shaft For Hoover Elite & Legacy Uprights.
Hoover wheel shaft for Elite/Legacy
Hoover Part #31523012 $1.50

Suction Motor for Elite & Legacy Upright Hoover Vacuum
Motor for Hoover Legacy/Elite (no headlite)
Hoover Part #43576211, 43576142, 43576077, 43576078, 43576091 $249.95

Brushroller/Agitator for Hoover Elite,Legacy,Runabout Upright & Supremacy,Futura Canister
Black plastic roller/agitator for Elite/Legacy/Runabout & Supremacy canister.
Hoover Part #48414079, 48414036 $26.95

Roller Bottom Plate/Hoover Elite Upright
Bottom plate assembly to keep the roller in place.Fits Hoover Elite.
Hoover Part #37245017, 37245092 $16.95

Elite/Sprint /Dimension/Tempo/Legacy Hoover Brushroller
Brushroller that the belts goes around onto.
Hoover Part #48414081/ 48414035/ 48414032/ 48414049 $30.95

Wind Tunnel ( Not Self Propelled Brushroll-Not Widetrack)/Hoover Upright
12 in Brushroll for non self propelled. For widetrack models see Part #48414115.
Hoover Part #HR2013, 303996001, 48414131, 48414062, 48414110 $28.95

Brushroller for Wind Tunnel & Bagless Self-propelled Upright
Fits Wind Tunnel Self Propelled.
Hoover Part #48414160, 91001201, 48414069, HR2003 $29.95

30 ft. Electric cord for all Hoover Windtunnel Uprights
Replacement cord.
Hoover Part #46383322 $22.95

Cord for Hoover Steam Cleaner
32 foot cord. Fits all hoover steam cleaners.
Hoover Part #93002227, 46583044, 46583056 $32.95

Metal Wand With Tab for Hoover Canisters
Fits Hoover canisters with tab connectors
Hoover Part #43453027 $34.95

Futura Metal Roller Hoover
Metal replacement roller. Tacony# 10.818
Hoover Part #48414035 $44.95

Handle Release Pedal for Hoover Wind Tunnel Self Propelled Upright Vacuum
Handle release pedal for Windtunnel self-propelled.
Hoover Part #38434021/38434023 $4.95

Swivel Yoke for PowerMatic Spirit Nozzle
Pivot Piece that attaches Power nozzle to wand assembly. Fits Model S3133,3213. Fits powerhead without headlite.
Hoover Part #43482024/ 43482029/ 43482026/ 43482054/ 43482109 $14.95

Shampooer Trigger Lever Hoover
Trigger for Hoover shampooer model F5857-900
Hoover Part #38434028 $3.95

On & Off Rocker Switch for Hoover Windtunnel Uprights
Switch kit for all Hoover Windtunnel upright vacuums. Also fits Md# U5421-9RM.
Hoover Part #28161075, 28161067, 40309033 $9.95

Fan for Hoover Conquest Upright
Fits Hoover Conquests that use both a V belt & a falt belt on the roller.
Hoover Part #38755012 $19.95

Portapower Hose for Hoover Canister
Flexible hose with both ends. Machine end coupling has 2 tabs to secure the hose to the machine.
Hoover Part #HR4025, 38111098, 43434223 $26.95

Shampooer Handle Release Lever Hoover
Handle release lever for model F5887-900.
Hoover Part #38458042 $5.95

Motor for Hoover Windtunnel Upright(not self-propelled)
Replacement motor for Hoover Windtunnel (not selfpropelled.
Hoover Part #27212057, 43576188, 43576175 $69.95

Hose Extra Long 20ft. Fits Windtunnels that take Paper Bags (except the Mach 2.1 Series)
Extra Long extension hose, Heavy Duty,20 feet long fits all Hoover Windtunnel that take style Y paper bags. uprights.
Hoover Part #43434042 $42.95

Motor for Hoover Steam Cleaner Md#F5892-900
Main motor for Hoover steamcleaner Md#F5892-900
Hoover Part #4357613 $94.95

Wheel for Hoover Dimension
Hoover dimension wheel for canister power nozzle.
Hoover Part #3275025 $2.95

Rear Wheel for Hoover Spectrum
Hoover spectrum rear wheel on canister.
Hoover Part #38522067 $7.95

Plastic Roller (Complete) for Concepts I & II and Powermax Selfpropelled (NLA)
No longer available. Only the metal roller with replaceable brush strips is available. For Powermax a new bottom plate must also be ordered (Prt.# 37245087) so that the metal roller will fit. Metal roller is Prt.# 48414019.
Hoover Part #48414013 $0.00

Lite Bulbs(peanut Size-Wedge Base) fits all Hoovers
Peanut bulb fits all Hoover vacs that take the bulb that looks like a peanut.
Hoover Part #27313101 $2.50

Extension Wand for Hoover Windtunnel Upright
Plastic wand for Hoover Windtunnels.
Hoover Part #38634078 $9.95

Bare Floor Tool(with tab) for Hoover Dimension, Futura,Portapower,Celebrity & Windtunnel Canister
Bare floor tool that fits Hoover dimension, Futura, Windtunnel canister vacuums.Has the tab on the neck.
Hoover Part #43414073 $29.95

Windtunnel,Fusion & Preferred Brushroller for Widetrack Hoover Upright (15)
Brushroll for Windtunnel & Fusion (not self-propelled) widetrack. Actually measures 14 1/4 in. See part #48414110 for regular size Windtunnel roller. Also fits Md# U5421-9RM.
Hoover Part #HR2015, 48414132, 48414115, 48414063, 48414090, 48414017 $29.95

Cloth Bag/Portapower-Hoover Canister
Cloth bag that goes inside the Hoover Portapower.
Hoover Part #43662023 $16.95

Shampooer Nozzle Clean Out Tool
Tool for cleaning out the suction path of steam cleaners.
Hoover Part #39514003, 39514001 $2.50

Cord Reel - Cord Rewind Complete Assembly for Hoover Futura, Windtunnel,Turbo Power & Farrington Canister Vacuum
Replacement cord reel (complete). Md.#'s S3646,S3630,S3636.
Hoover Part #41911009, 41911014 $68.95

Dirt Cup Complete for Hoover Conquest Upright
Dirt cup for Hoover conquest. Model # H-U7069,H-U1800,H-U1810, H-U1820
Hoover Part #58642015/48642015 $94.95

Outer Cloth Bag for Hoover Conquest Upright
Cloth bag for Hoover conquest upright fits model HU1800,U1810 H-U1820
Hoover Part #40201060 $59.95

Nozzle Control Valve Hoover
Nozzle control valve for Hoover vacuum Model U4655-930.
Hoover Part #38567014 $4.95

Electric Cord for All Hoover Spin Scrub/V2 Steam Cleaners
Heavy duty (3 wire )electric power cord for all Hoover Steamcleaners.
Hoover Part #46583124 $32.95

Hose Rach-Hoover Windtunnel U5400 Series/Upright
Rach that holds the hose around the handle area.
Hoover Part #36433137 $4.50

Plastic Handle Grip for Hoover Concept I (non-self propelled) Upright Vacuums
Plastic grip that slides into the tube of the metal handle.
Hoover Part #48663072, 3945460, 48663029 $16.95

Rocker Switch for Hoover Spirit Canisters & Md#S1311
on/off switch.
Hoover Part #28161075, 28161063, 28161279, 28161045 $9.95

Brushroller for Hoover Windtunnel Upright Vacuum
13 inch brushroll for Hoover Windtunnel. Also fits model C1703-900 & U5421-9RM.
Hoover Part #303996001, HR2013, 48414131, 48414062, 48414057, 48414110 $28.95

Extractor Duct & Recovery Tank for Hoover Steamcleaner
Square extractor duct that fits in front of recovery tank is no longer sold seperately. New style recovery tank comes with the new style duct.New tank does not include the tank lid. Use the old tank lid. Models F5825,5826,5851,5857.
Hoover Part #38777106, 38661004, 38661003 $28.95

Bag Compartment Back Panel Housing-Hoover Upright
Plastic housing (where the paper bag goes in) with rear end tabs that snap into the handle.
Hoover Part #42253072, 37254068 $42.95

Upholstery Tool for Hoover Steam Vac Md#5800 Series
Upholstery tool for steam vac.
Hoover Part #38613040 $14.95

Handle Release Lever/Hoover WindTunnel SelfPropelled
Fits models: 13 models, U5393,95,5403,33,34,15,69,75,15,U5396,97,5446, 43,45,47,49,50,51,52,60,20,69,75
Hoover Part #38458043 $4.95

Electric Hose for all Hoover WindTunnel Cansiter Vacuums
Electric hose that attaches to the powerhead for Hoover WindTunnel canisters.
Hoover Part #43433110/ 43433116/ 43433097/ 43433109/ 43433101/ 43433105 $119.95

Motor for Hoover Self-Propelled (Ultra Series) Md# U6425-900,45,46,51,55
Main suction motor.
Hoover Part #43576179 $94.95

Switch (2 Speed) for Hoover Concept Uprights
2 speed switch that fits into the handle. Md# U4201,U4205 & U4209.
Hoover Part #HR-3420, 28179010, 28179022 $12.95

Handle (upper) for Hoover Steamvac Md# F5851
Upper handle for Hoover Staemer Md#F5851. Includes trigger.
Hoover Part #48663183, 48663170 $32.95

Brushroller for V2 Windtunnel & Savy Hoover Upright Hoover
Brushroller for Hoover V2 Windtunnel & Savy upright.Each side takes Prt# 48414128 & 48414125.
Hoover Part #48414128 $9.95

Main Motor for Hoover Steamer Md#F5800 Series Carpet Cleaners
Main Motor
Hoover Part #43576202, 43576131 $94.95

Hoover Powerhead for Md# SH40060 Canister vacuum
Electric power head that attaches to the end of the lower wand. Sold complete.
Hoover Part #440001577 $86.95

Hose for Windtunnel Canister/Hoover
Replacement Hose for Hoover windtunnel canister vacuum model S3661.
Hoover Part #19.135 $154.95

Tool Cover for Hoover Bagless Uprights, Series #U6600
Hinged clear plastic cover that fits over the tools in front of the handle.
Hoover Part #37257269 $17.95

Brushroller (14 inch) for Hoover Conquest Commercial Upright
Revolving Brushroller for Md# C1800 & U7069-080
Hoover Part #48416035 $59.95

Conquest Outer Bag Assembly Complete
Orange outer bag includes everthing for complete installation.
Hoover Part #43678060 $114.95

Tool Cover for Windtunnel Bagless Upright- Md# U5720/22-900
Tool Cover for this model only. All other Windtunnel Bagless Md. #'s (see prt. # 37257254)
Hoover Part #37257263 $16.95

Powered Hand Tool for Hoover Steamcleaner- Widepath F6019,6025,6026,6028,6030,6040.
Turbo hand tool with spinning brushes for Widepath Steamer. Models F6019,25,26,28,30,40
Hoover Part #48439003 $59.95

Door Panel for Hoover Upright Legacy & Elite Supreme
The front plastci cover that covers up the place where you put in the paper bags. Does not include the latch that secures the door - (see prt. # 36151006).
Hoover Part #37257302, 37257038, 37257303 $40.95

Door Panel for Hoover Upright Legacy
The front plastci cover that covers up the place where you put in the paper bags. Fits #5000 & 5100 series Except Md# 5051. Does not include the latch that secures the door - (see prt. # 36151006).
Hoover Part #37257302, 37257303, 37257038 $36.95

Rear Wheel for Hoover Futura Canisters
Rear wheel. Sold each.
Hoover Part #38522065/ 38522063/ 38522069/ 38522070 $9.95

Tool Rack for Hoover Upright Md# U5200 Series
Holds the hose & the tools. Mounts on the side.
Hoover Part #36433145 $26.95

On & Off Rocker switch for Hoover Spirit Canisters
On/off switch for Hoover Spirit canister vacuum Model # S3485-070
Hoover Part #28161075, 28164276 $9.95

Plastic Wand with Tab for Hoover Canisters
Plastic wand that on one end has a tab and on the other end has a round collar that rotates to secure the tab of the other wand to it.See prt.# 43453089 for metal wand.
Hoover Part #3863801P/ 38638044/ 43453037/ 43453043 $14.95

Motor Brushes for Convertible Hoover Upright - 2 per pack
Motor brushes for old style convertibles where the outer bag is on the back of the handle. Sold each.
Hoover Part #47318012, K118076 $14.95

Crevice Tool without Tab for Hoover Uprights
Crevice tool without tab. Fits all Hoover uprights (including Wintunnel). See prt.# 38617017 for crevice tool that fits all Hoover canisters.
Hoover Part #38617027 $6.95

Hose with Upholstery Tool for Hoover Steamcleaner Md # F5888-900 & 5905
complete upholstery hose & upholstery tool.
Hoover Part #90001350, 43491039 $56.95

Motor for Hoover Model C1412-900.
Hoover Part #43576201 $249.95

Water Intake Hood for Hoover Steamcleaner Spin Scrub- Md# F5886, F5879
Hood where the water is sucked up from the carpet.
Hoover Part #37271136, 90001315, 37271096, 37271088, 37271036 $42.95

On/Off Switch/Hoover
On/Off switch, push 2 inch, leads commercial upright, Conquest C-1820
Hoover Part #28212017 $14.95

Front Wheel Assembly for Hoover Foldaway,EmPower,Commercial Bagless & Caddy Vac Upright
Includes wheels,axle and the plastic housing. Also see prt.# 43248059 for other style wheel assembly for Caddy Vac.
Hoover Part #90001005, 3248062 $16.95

Lid for the Dirt Cup-Hoover Savvy Upright
Lid that goes on top of the dumpout cup.
Hoover Part #37249055 $9.95

Handle Release Lever for Hoover Foldaway Upright
Handle release lever
Hoover Part #38458069 $6.95

Bearing with Nylon Washer (2 pack) for the Brushroller on Hoover Upright - Convertible,All Concepts & Dial-o-matic
Bearing that goes in each end of the brushroller.
Hoover Part #43267002 $9.95

Brush Strip, Dual Molded Extractor/Hoover
Brush strip that goes on the bottom of the intake nozzle. Fits Md.# F5832,F5826.
Hoover Part #48447002 $16.95

Metal Roller for Hoover Commercial/Convertible Upright
Metal roller with replaceable brush strips. Fits upright vacuums that have the outer bag or dump cup on the back of the handle.
Hoover Part #48414021 $39.95

Metal Motor for Hoover Commercial/ Convertible Upright
Motor for Hoover upright that have the outer cloth bag or the dump cup on the back of the handle. Does not fit the widetrack Conquest series.
Hoover Part #40309022/ 43574130/ 43574193 $169.95

Metal Roller for Hoover Commercial/Convertible Upright
Metal roller with replaceable brush strips. Fits upright vacuums that have the outer bag or dump cup on the back of the handle. Does not fit the Conqest widetrack series.
Hoover Part #48414021 $39.95

Bottom Plate, V2 Upright 8100 Series Plastic/ Hoover
Bottom plate for 8100 series.
Hoover Part #37245102 $7.95

Hose for Windtunnel Mach 2.1 Md# 5395-900, U5433-900,U5397-900
Hose that is used when using the tools-on-board.
Hoover Part #43434248/ 43434253 $19.95

Bellows for Hoover Conquest Commercial Upright
Accordian black tube that attaches down at the bottom of the dump cup.
Hoover Part #38673001 $14.95

Lid for Dirt Cup-Hoover Foldaway Upright
Lid that sits on top of the filter that is in the cup.
Hoover Part #37249037 $7.95

Bottom Plate for Hoover Uprights
Bottom plate for Hoover vacuums where the belt rides in the middle of the roller. T shaped. Does not fit any tools-on-board vacuum. Metal bottom plate no longer available. Comes only in plastic.
Hoover Part #37245081/ 42246104 $24.95

Motor for Hoover Conquest Upright Commercial
Main motor. Fits on all conquest vacuums that have a 2 belt roller system.
Hoover Part #43574106 $187.89

Cord Reel with Cord & Fuse for Windtunnel Bagless Canister/Hoover
Cord reel.
Hoover Part #59134027 $64.95

Outer Bag/Jacket for Hoover Commercial Md# C1400 Series
Outer cloth bag/jacket.
Hoover Part #43674204, 43676241 $24.95

Rocker Switch with Circuit Breaker for Windtunnel Upright V2
Located in the head of the vacuum. Turns the roller on/off. (2 prong). The 3 prong is not available.
Hoover Part #27854030 $24.95

Rocker Switch with Circuit Breaker for Windtunnel Upright V2 (8100 series)
Located in the head of the vacuum. Turns the roller on/off. (2 prong). The 3 prong is not available.
Hoover Part #27854030 $24.95

Hood for Hoover Steamcleaner Md# F5866-900, F5882-900
The hood that the water sucks up into and then goes into the dirty water tank.
Hoover Part #37271136, 37271072, 37271057, 37271044, 37271055, 37271067 $46.95

Handle Release Pedal for Hoover Upright Bagless Twin Chamber
Step on release pedal that releases the unit backwards.
Hoover Part #38458053 $5.95

Dusting Brush for Hoover Windtunnel Uprights
Dusting brush. Does not fit Hoover Canisters (only the uprights).
Hoover Part #43414195, 43414174 $12.95

Front Wheel for Hoover Canister Windtunnels
Small front wheel that is attached by a metal pin on the front of the powerhead. See prt.# 31522004 for the metal pin.
Hoover Part #32761001 $3.95

Cord for the Powerhead on Windtunnel Canisters
The cord that runs from the powerhead up into the grip on the hose. T shaped, 3 wire with male prong.
Hoover Part #46521021, 46521020 $16.95

Outer Cloth Bag for Hoover Upright Conquest - 1800 Series
Outer cloth allergy bag with zipper.
Hoover Part #43674055 $62.95

Nozzle Cover for Hoover Steamcleaner Md# F5860,53 & 57
Comlpete front nozzle cover. Includes the clear plastic water intake shroud.
Hoover Part #37271036, 90001315, 37271035, 37271088, $42.95

Rug & Floor Tool for Hoover Quick Broom
The nozzle that runs on the carpet. Fits Md# S2009 & S2571. Comes complete.
Hoover Part #43414120 $32.95

Front Nozzle Intake Assembly for Hoover Steamcleaner Md# F5827
Front nozzle assembly complete. Where the water is sucked up onto the dirty water tank.
Hoover Part #37271033, 37271031 $44.95

Clean Water/Solution Tank for Hoover Steamcleaner Md# F7410-900
The tank that the clean water goes into. Does not include screw on cap (prt.# 42272138).
Hoover Part #42272104, 12002549, 42272137, 90001295 $56.95

Duct,Trunion Rear Main Housing for Savy & V2 Hoover Upright
Duct housing air intake that goes on the botoom back of the vacuum. Keeps the handle from falling back.
Hoover Part #38683018, 38683016 $14.95

Bottom Plate for Hoover Bagless Upright
Plastic bottom plate that covers the roller on the bottom. Fits Md.# 5288,5280,5294,5296.
Hoover Part #37245037 $24.95

Brushroller Bearings for Hoover Conquest (2 per pack)
The bearings that go in each end of the brushroller.
Hoover Part #24152807, 24152803, 24152808 $10.95

Bottom Plate for Hoover Futura Canister Powerhead
The bottom plate that you remove from the bottom to access the roller.
Hoover Part #42246113, 42246115 $18.95

Lite Bulb for Hoover Futura Canister Powerhead
Lite bulb
Hoover Part #27317307 $7.95

Front Wheel Assembly with Height Adjustment Cam for Elite (except Elite Rewind),Caddy Vac, Dimension, Legacy & Commercial Md# C1414 Hoover Upright
Complete front wheel asssembly. Also see prt.# 43248062 for different style front wheel assembly for Caddy Vac.
Hoover Part #43248073, 43248055, 43248059, 43248054, 36432053, 90001395 $16.95

Front Cover for Bag Compartment on Hoover Windtunnel Uprights
The front door that covers the bag compartment. Fits Model #'s U5395,U5433,U54445 & U5465.
Hoover Part #37254096, 42255101 $34.95

Front Wheel Assembly for Hoover Upright Bagless Edition
Complete front wheel assembly. Does not fit the Windtunnel bagless models.fits Md# 5200 series.
Hoover Part #43248058, 43248052 $14.95

Brushroller for Hoover Conquest Commercial Upright (18 in.)
Brushroller completewith end cap & bearings. 17 long. Uses 2 belts and the V belt goes around the roller.
Hoover Part #48416036 $59.95

Brushroller for Hoover Stick Vac with Cogged Belt
Revolving geared brushroller. Fits model #'s S2610, 2211 & 2203
Hoover Part #59139227 $17.95

Front Door Panel for Windtunnel Upright Hoover
The front door (includes seals) that covers the area that the paper bag goes into.
Hoover Part #37254096, 42255101 $36.95

Motor Mount Seal for Hoover Steamcleaner
Rubberized motor mount gasket seal.
Hoover Part #38781074 $2.95

Bag Housing Door(Front Bag Cover) for Hoover Windtunnel Non-Selfpropelled
The front plastic cover that has to be taken off so that the paper bag can be changed.
Hoover Part #42255086, 42255087 $36.95

Plastic Dirt Cup for Windtunnel Bagless Hoover Upright
The cup that the dirt goes into. Does not include the lid.
Hoover Part #38775077 $46.95

Plastic Dirt Cup for Windtunnel Bagless Hoover Upright
The cup that the dirt goes into. Does not include the lid.
Hoover Part #38775077 $46.95

Front Water Nozzle Intake Hood for Hoover Steamcleaner SpinScrub Md # F5858-910 $ F5900-900
The front of the cleaner where the water is first sucked up into the steamcleaner.
Hoover Part #37271136, 37271072, 37271037, 37271047, 37271065 $46.95

Turbine Assembly for Hoover Steam Cleaner Md# F5869 Series
The suction turbine gear casing assembly that turns the brush block brushes.
Hoover Part #91001021, 43191003 $46.95

Retainer Caps for Wheels on Elite, Legacy Hoover Upright
Caps that keep the front wheels on.
Hoover Part #36131056 $1.50

Plastic Dump Cup for Hoover Upright Bagless Vacuum
The plastic cup that the dirt goes into and has to be dumped out.
Hoover Part #38775073, 38775072 $44.95

Switch On/Off (1 speed) for Hoover Concept Upright
On-off switch located in the handle. Fits Concepts that have a powersurge.
Hoover Part #28179015, 28179021 $22.95

Outer Cloth Bag/Jacket for Hoover Elite & Legacy Upright Vacuum
The outer cloth bag that the paper bag goes inside of. Fits Md# U4296,4671,4639,4675 & 4535.
Hoover Part #43686180, 43686172 $36.95

Side Latches that for Hoover Commercial Dump Cup that has the Cloth Outer Bag
The black side latch that supports the cup onto the upper cloth outer bag. Takes two. One on the right & one on the left of the dump cup.
Hoover Part #36155011 $10.95

Bottom Plate for Hoover Conquest Commercial Upright Vacuum(14 in.)
The plastic plate on the bottom of the vacuum that has to be removed to access the brushroller. The wheel axle slides through it. Fits Md.# C1800 & U7069-080.
Hoover Part #37245066 $26.95

Dusting Brush for Elite & Legacy Hoover Upright
Tool used for dusting.
Hoover Part #43414197, 43414145, 43414129 $10.95

Crevice Tool for Elite & Legacy Hoover Upright Vacuum
Slender tool used for getting into small places.
Hoover Part #38617024, 38617023 $6.95

Furniture Tool for Hoover Elite & Legacy Upright
Flat tool about 4 inches long.
Hoover Part #38614026 $8.95

Wand Extension Tube for Elite & Legacy Hoover Upright
The long tube that the attachements fit onto.
Hoover Part #38634078, 38634074 $9.95

Metal Bottom Plate for Hoover Commercial Upright
T shaped metal bottom plate that fits over the brushroller on the bottom of the vacuum. Has a metal formed belt guide in the center of the part.
Hoover Part #42246062 $36.95

Clean Water Solution Tank for Hoover Agilty Steamcleaner Md# F6215-900
The clean water tank that you put the solution into.
Hoover Part #90001091 $48.95

Detachable Electric Cord for Hoover Concept Helpmate Upright -U3300 Series
30 ft. detachable cord so the hand vac in the front of the vacuum can be used. See prt.# 47116002 for terminal that the cord plugs into.
Hoover Part #46388003, 46388002 $29.95

Handle Grip for Conquest/Convertible Concept I Upright Hoover
The top part of the handle that you grip.
Hoover Part #39454060, 48663072, 48663029 $16.95

Handle Release Pedal For Hoover Caddy Vac Upright
Step on pedal that releases the handle back.
Hoover Part #38458058 $6.95

Hose Assembly (complete) for Hoover Duros Canister Vacuum
Complete hose that plugs into the canister and the wands attache to the other end.
Hoover Part #93001580 $69.95

Commercial Cord for Hoover Conquest Upright
Heavy duty commercial cord. Fits all Hoover Conquest uprights.
Hoover Part #91001025, 46583148 $36.95

Cable Retainer Washer for Hoover Windtunnel Self Propelled Vacuums
The metal washer that holds the self propelled cable to the actuator arm on the trnsmission. See prt.# 21751010 for the screw that goes thru the washer.
Hoover Part #36128002 $2.50

Crevice Tool for Hoover Windtunnel Upright Vacuum
crevice tool.
Hoover Part #38617033, 38617032 $6.95

Brushroller for Hoover Savvy Upright Vacuum
Savvy vacuum that has a single brushrolller. Measures 14 & 1/2 inches long.
Hoover Part #93001748 $29.95

Clear Plastic Dump Cup for Hoover Upright Bagless Vacuum
The dump cup that the dirt goes into.
Hoover Part #38775114 $49.95

Bare Floor Tool for Hoover Stean Cleaner Md# F5800 Series
Bare floor tool for cleaning hard surface floors. Attaches on to the front nozzle.
Hoover Part #48417002 $12.95

Brushroller (complete) for Hoover Caddyvac Upright Md# U5134-900
Revolving brushroller with end caps.
Hoover Part #48414118 $29.95

On/Off Switch for Hoover Portapower Canister Vacuum
Slide on/off switch.
Hoover Part #28177006 $9.95

Upper Handle Supprt for Hoover Windtunnel Self Propelled Upright
Inner handle structure that the grip attaches to. This part is needed if the self propelled will not go into neutral.
Hoover Part #39466093, 39466040 $18.95

Front Panel Cover for Hoover Upright Md# U5450 & U5461
The front panel that covers the paper bag compartment.
Hoover Part #37254176 $36.95

Upper Grip for Hoover Windtunnel Self propelled Upright
Upper grip that attaches to the handle structure.
Hoover Part #39454084, 39454062 $7.95

Hose for Using the Tools on Hoover Upright Fold Away Bagless Upright
Complete hose assembly. Fits the U5100 series vacuum.U5165
Hoover Part #43431224 $28.95

Terminal Plate Plug in Cord Connector for Hoover Upright Concept Vacuum with Help Mate Hand Vacuum
The electric terminal inside the vacuum that the detachable cord plugs into. See prt.# 46388004 for detachable cord.
Hoover Part #47116002 $14.95

Switch Control Rod for Hoover Elite, Legacy & Runabout
Control rod that is inside the handle and goes down to the on/off part of the switch.
Hoover Part #38456036 $7.95

Front Wheel for Elite Bagless Rewind Hoover Upright
The wheel that goes on the front wheel assembly.
Hoover Part #59155082 $4.95

Axle for the Front Wheel on the Hoover Upright Elite Bagless Rewind
Axle/Pin that goes trough the front wheel.
Hoover Part #93002121 $4.95

Nozzle Valve with Hose for Hoover Windtunnel Upright
The hose & valve that go inside the front nozzle. The valve opens and closes (spring loaded).
Hoover Part #43516009 $24.95

Hoover Convertible Electric Cord (old Style Convertible)
30 foot cord that is connected into the switch plate at the top of the handle.
Hoover Part #46383068 $26.95

Bottom Plate for Hoover Caddy Vac Upright Vacuum
The plastic plate that is on the very bottom of the vacuum and covers the brushroller. brushroller
Hoover Part #37245047 $26.95

Brush Roller for Mach 5 & Cyclonic Upright Hoover Vacuum
Revolving brushroller. Fits Md# U5780-900 & U5194-900.
Hoover Part #93002361 $26.95

Upper Cloth Bag For Hoover Conquest Commercial Dump Cup Vacuum
The cloth bag that the dump cup is attached to.
Hoover Part #43667056 $54.95

Cable Retainer Screw for Hoover Windtunnel Self Propelled Vacuums
Screw that secures the control cable retainer washer & the control cable to the transmission actuator arm. See prt.# 36128002 for the retainer washer.
Hoover Part #21751010 $2.50

Turbo Upholstery Tool for Hoover Upright Vacuums
Suction driven hand tool with revolving brush roller. Inch and one quarter diameter.
Hoover Part #49129007, 40200013 $24.95

Cord Reel for Hoover Dimension Canister
Cord reel with electrical cord.
Hoover Part #46831025 $48.95

Cloth Dust Bag with Rubber Ring for Hoover Back Pack Md# C2401
Round dust bag that goes underneath the clear dome.
Hoover Part #2KE2105000 $56.95

Brush Roller for Hoover Windtunnel Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum
Revolving brushroller that the belt goes around. Fits Md# UH70200, UH70205 & UH70210.
Hoover Part #303280001 $22.95

Bag Cover Hinge for Hoover Futura & Windtunnel Canisters (2 pack)
Black plastic tabs that hinge the plastic bag cover to the main unit.
Hoover Part #36151027 $3.95

Upper Handle for Hoover Steam Cleaner
Upper Handle for Md#F5870,F5871,F5872,F5873,F5875,F5878 & F5907.
Hoover Part #90001301, 39466049 $38.95

Hoover Bare Floor and Rug Gulper Tool for Md# C2401 Back Pack Vacuum
Rug & hard floor tool that has the rubber Bumper.
Hoover Part #2KE2235000 $38.95

Brush Roller (complete) for Hoover Canister PowerMax
Revolving brushroller for Md# S3601,S3603,S3606,S3607,S3610,S3614,S3612 & S3613.
Hoover Part #48414081 $32.95

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