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Rainbow Vacuum Parts


Metal Wand with Cord Holder for Rainbow Vacuum
Long Straight metal wand with cord snugger on the back.Does not fit E series rainbows.
rex-wnd $46.95

Bottom Plate for Rainbow Powerhead E Series (Belt in the Center of the Roller)2 open slots for wheels
Plastic bottom plate with 2 open slots for the wheels to come through. Belt on roller rides in the middle of the roller.
R-7806 $48.95

4 Wheeled Dolly for E Series Rainbow Vacuum
4 wheeled dolly that the water pan sits into. Complete dolly with wheels and latch.
R8048 $58.95

Non-Electric Hose for E Series Rainbow Vacuum
Non electric hose for E series vacuum. See part # rx-hsnel for D3 & D4 non electric hose.
R8052 $54.95

Motor Metal Mounting Plate for Rainbow D4
Metal plate that attaches to the motor and the seperator spins around inside of it.
RR6230 $14.95

Bottom Plate (plastic) for Rainbow Powerhead with the belt in middle of roller
The plastic plate that fits onto the bottom of the powerhead. Secures with push in tabs.Fits rainbows where the belt rides in the middle of the roller. New style.
R6059 $26.95

Powerhead Motor for New Style ( E Series) Rainbow Canisters
Powerhead motor. If the belt rides in the center of the brushroller then this motor is for you. See prt.# R1871 for side belt powerhead motor.
R5670 $72.95

Yoke For SE Series Rainbow
Yoke for se series rainbow power nozzles. Yoke is in center back of power nozzle.
Yokectr $24.95

Main Suction Motor for Rainbow D4C Series Canister Vacuum
Origional main motor for Rainbow D4C style vacuum.
R3242 $554.95

Electric Hose Pump Handle Black W/ Switch/Rainbow
Hose electric with pump style handle, black with on/off switch. Fits SE-D3,D4 Series.
RR4015 $84.95

Carbon Motor Brush Wide Double Slats/Rainbow D4C(2 PK)
Carbon motor brush Fits Rainbow D4C which are slightly over 1/2 inch wide(2 per pack). There is another slat motor brush set that is slightly under 1/2 wide(2 per pkg.)Part # RX-CRBBRSH-N
RR6315 $16.95

4-Qt. Water Basin (E -SERIES) Rainbow
4 qt. water basin for the E-series.Has square intake on the basin.
R-7895 $69.95

2 Quart Water Basin for D-4 SE Rainbow
Water basin pan for the Rainbow D-4 series. On/off switch on TOP (handle) of machine.
RR7520 $52.95

2 Quart Water Basin for D-3 Rainbow
2 quart water basin pan for the rainbow D-3 vacuums. On/off on the side of machine. The water pan for the D3 is now the same pan for the D3.
RR7520 $52.95

4 Quart Water Basin for D4 & D3 SE Rainbow Vacuum
4 quart water basin pan for the D-4 rainbow with the on/off switch on top of handle. Same for D3 model with the switch on the side of the unit.
RR7525 $48.95

4 Wheeled Dolly Cart for D-4 & D3 Rainbow
4 wheeled dolly cart for the model D-4.
R-4560-4149 $54.95

4 Wheeled Dolly Cart for D-3 Rainbow (no longer available)
4 wheeled dolly cart for the model D-3 Rainbow is no longer available (order dolly for D4; prt.# R-4560-4149. You can add some tape to the outside of the D3 water pan to make it stay in the D4 dolly.
rx-d3dly $0.00

Side Latch for D3 & D4 Rainbow Canister Vacuums
Side latch that secures the water pan onto the main unit. . Fits D-3 and D-4 rainbows.
R-2622,RR7560-3 $9.95

Tool/Attachment Caddy and Cord Wrap for D-4 Rainbow
Tool caddy and cord wrap for the model D-4.
RR7500. 2709 $24.95

Brushroller for D-4 and D-3 Rainbow (side pulley)
Brush roll for the models D-4 and D-3 Rainbows. Powerheads with belt pulley on the side.
RR2000 $24.95

Reset Switch for D-4 and D-3 Rainbow Powerheads
Reset switch for the models D-3 and D-4 powerheads.
R-8452 $44.95

Swivel Pivot Yoke for D-3 and D-4 Rainbow Powerheads
Swivel yoke for D-3 and D-4 Powerheads. Includes the casing that the swivel yoke fits into.
RR7200-4 $28.95

On/off Switch for D-3 Rainbow
On/off switch for the model D-3 Vacuum.
rx-d3swt $28.95

On/off Switch for D4 Rainbow
On/off switch located on the handle for the model D-4 vacuum.
R2728 $26.95

Seperator for D-4 Rainbow(Tall)
Seperator for D-4 rainbow. Tall seperator. Has the indintation for the nut to fit in.
R4100 $19.95

Seperator for D-3,D4 Rainbow(Flat)
Seperator for D-3 rainbow flat. Does not have a bolt size indintation in the center.
RR6250 $16.95

Rubber Flange Gasket for D-4 Rainbow
Rubber gasket for the D-4 vacuum that goes around the seperator and therefore would sit on top of the water pan when the vac is in use.
R2702 $14.95

Flange Gasket for D-3 Rainbow
Flange gasket for the D-3 rainbow that goes between the seperator and motor.It is the round seal that the water pan seats to.
rr7600, R912 $17.95

Acorn Nut for Rainbow for D3 & D4 Rainbow Canister Vacuum
Acorn nut for the Rainbow vacuum. Holds the Seperator in place.
RH555 $8.95

Non-Electric Hose for Rainbow D3 & D4 Series Vacuum
Non-Electric hose for rainbow vacuum. Does not fit the E Series style Rainbow. See part # R8052 for E Series hose.
RR4520-3 $29.95

Power Head Motor for D-3 and D-4 Rainbow
Power head motor fits D-3 and D-4 vacuum. Black motor casing. Fits the powerheads that have a metal pulley on one end of the roller.
R1871 $59.95

Power Head Motor Retainer Bracket for Rainbow
Power head motor retainer bracket for the rainbow vacuum.
rx-phbkt $4.95

25 Foot Electric Cord for Rainbow(2 Wire)
20 foot electric replacement cord for the rainbow. Two wire system.
RR3040 $24.95

20 Foot Electric Cord for Rainbow ( 3 Wire )
20 foot electric cord for the rainbow. Three wire system.
R1753 $55.95

Tool Caddy for D-3 Rainbow
Tool caddy for D-3 rainbow.
1730 $32.95

Main Suction Motor for D3C Rainbow Canister Vacuum
Main motor for the D3C vacuum.
R2104 $325.95

Spring for the side latch on D3 & D4 Rainbow Canister Vacuums
Spring for side latch. Sold each.
R2654 $2.50

Brushroller for Rainbow Vacuum that has the belt in the middle of the Roller
Brush roller with belt that tracks in the middle of roller.
RR2010, R5590 $26.95

Powerhead Complete - for Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners
Powerhead for Rainbows with the roller that has the side belt pulley. Has the metal bottom plate & two prong cord. Fits DC4 and most DC3 models.
rex-ph $179.95

Bare Floor Tool That Fits Into Curved Wand/Rainbow
Bare floor tool that fits into metal curved wand & is held by 2 small points.
RR5505 $24.95

2 Quart Water Basin (E-SERIES) Rexair/Rainbow
2 quart water basin for the E-Series Rainbow Vacuums. Has square intake.
RR7530, R7876 $44.95

2 Quart Water Basin for D-2 Rainbow(NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
THIS PART IS OBSOLETE - WE NO OF NO SUBSTITUTIONS). Water basin for Rainbow that has the chrome dome.
d3h2bsn $0.00

Seperator Nut for E-Series Rainbow
The acorn style nut that holds the seperator on. Fits new style E-Series rainbow.
R-7491 $7.95

Seperator for All E-Series Rainbows
Removeable slotted piece that fits on the bottom of the main unit & is secured by a nut.
R7805 $17.95

Carbon Motor Brush Narrow Double Slats/Rainbow
Carbon motor brush fits rainbow D4C Which are slightly under 1/2 inch wide (2 per pack). There is an alternate that is slightly over 1/2 inch wide (2 per pack). Part # RX-CRBBRSH-W
R2421, RR6305 $24.95

Cord (2prong) Pigtail for Rainbow Powerhead
2 prong cord that wires into the powerhead,runs up along the wand and plugs into the grip of the hose.
RR3065 $12.95

Belt Cover for Rainbow Poerheads
The plastic cover flap on the bottom of the powerhead that covers the belt. This is not the bottom plate that also covers the roller.
R5820 $5.50

Baffle Plate Assembly for Rainbow Md# D4C & D4CSE
Bottom round motor cover that the round rubber gasket is glued on to. Has 4 screw holes to mount it to the housing assembly.It is the part of the vacuum that rests on the water basin.
R-5080 $22.95

Latch Spring for Rainbow Canister Md# E Series
Spring that keeps tension on the latch.
R7141 $2.50

Side Latch that secures the main unit to the water pan on all Md# E Series Rainbow Canisters
Side latch. One on each side of the canister. Each sold seperatly.
R8063 $12.95

Latch Pin for All E Series Rainbow Canisters
The metal pin that secures the latch to the main unit.
R7139 $1.50

Cord Caddy for Rainbow E Series Canister Vacuum
The pull out (left & right) cord retainer mechanism. Fits model#'s beginning with 9000000 serial #.
R-7383 $16.95

Outer Baffle Plate/Air Deflector for Rainbow D4C & D4CSE Series
The metal plate that the seperator rests on.
R2696 $17.95

Electrical Cord for the Rainbow Hose
2 prong male end to female end cord/pigtail. male end plugs into the main unit,runs the length of the hose and stops at the grip. The cord from the powerhead plugs into the female end of the cord.
R1717 $34.95

Exhaust HEPA Filter for Rainbow E Series Canister
HEPA filter for E series with serial # before 9280000. The cover that goes over the filter is screwed on.
R7292 $49.95

Exhaust HEPA Filter (Generic) for Rainbow E Series Canister
Generic HEPA filter for E series Rainbow with serial # after 9280000. The cover that goes over the filter clips on.
RR1802 $36.95

Exhaust HEPA Filter for Rainbow E Series Canister
HEPA filter (original) for Rainbow E series with serial # after 9280000. The cover that goes over the filter clips on. See prt.# RR1802 for generic filter.
R10520 $52.95

Electric Hose (complete) for Rainbow E Series Canister Vacuum
Electric hose with sqeeze grip for On & off.
R8077 $139.95

Seperator Cleaning Brush/Wrench for Rainbow E Series Canister
Brush for cleaning the seperator that stores into the underside of the main unit.
R7323 $7.95

Motor Support Flange for Rainbow Canister Md# D3C
Curved rubber ring that supports the motor via a metal round flange with screws though it.
R599 $36.95

Side Latch Pin for Rainbow D3 & D4 Canisters (1 per pack)
The pin that secures the side latch to the main body.
R1566 $3.50

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