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Your #1 Source for Royal Vacuum Bags

Vacuum Depot has been in the business of selling vacuums and vacuum parts for over 37 years. We offer a wide range of products to meet both residential and commercial applications.

We sell industry leading brands of vacuums, parts, and supplies including Royal vacuum bags. Royal is a great choice for homeowners and business owners because of its quality and durability. Their bags are designed for the improvement of indoor air quality, with its superior levels of filtration that can trap more dirt and dust compared to generic brands.

You can look for a specific product by using our search tool, by entering the model or part number or description. You can also browse our items according to categories such as parts, brand, and type.

Our Royal vacuum bags come in several kinds and are built for high performance for both small and large scale applications. Our bags are great not only for cleaning homes but also schools, restaurants, hospitals, and hotels.

For A Clean and Healthy Environment

Vacuum Depot sells premium quality Royal vacuum bags that come in several sizes and kinds for every model of vacuum cleaner. We have cloth bag traps, micro fresh allergy paper bags, micro filtration cleaner bags, and much more to choose from. If you need bags that offer higher filtration power, we have those too.

Vacuum cleaner bags from Royal are designed to be hard-wearing and economical. You can simply dispose them once they're full, and you don't ever have to worry about creating more mess when you empty your vacuum. Just pull off the old bag and you're done.

Keep your home and office clean and healthy with our high quality vacuum bags. These keep the dust and dirt away so you don't suffer from allergies or any other health problem caused by a dirty environment.

Shop at Vacuum-Depot

Vacuum Depot is your best source for Royal vacuum bags. Our hassle-free order and shipment process ensures you that you get what you ordered easily and in the soonest possible time. All our items come at an affordable price. Order now! For more information, call us at 1-904-589-4404.

Royal Vacuum Bags

Style Y Micro Allergy Paper Bags for Royal Upright (7 pk)
Allergy Filtration paper bags to fit the Md.# CR50005 Royal upright. Seven per pack.
AR10140 $15.95

Style A Royal Micro Fresh Allergy Paper Bags
Allergy paper bags 3pk. 99% dust free. Ther bags have a paper tube on them that attaches to the bottom of the inside of the outer bag.
3672075001 $8.95

Style A Paper Bags (3 pk) for Royal Metal Upright
Paper Bag 3 pack. Has the long paper tube as part of the bag which attaches to the bottom tube on the inside of the outer bag.
3088147001 $5.95

Style B Paper Bag for Royal Metal Upright (10 pack)
Has the square cardboard connector with a round hole in the center to fit over the black tube on the inside of the outer bag.Paper Bag 10 pack
RO066247, 2066247001 $18.95

Style B Royal Upright Paper Bags (3 pk)
Paper Bag 3 pack. Has a square cardboard connector with a round hole in the center to fit over the black tube inside the outer bag.
3067247001 $5.95

Style J Paper Bag (7PK) for Royal Canister
Allergy paper Bags 7 pack ( plus extra behind the bag Filter) for Old style Metal CANISTER vacuum.
ROR1442, 3041147001 $16.95

J Pony Paper Bag 3PK/Royal
Paper Bag 3 pack
3040447001 $5.95

Style J MICRO Filtration Paper Bags (with Filter)-Royal Canister (3 pk)
Allergy Filtration paper bags (3 pk). For very old style Royal metal canister vacuum. Includes allergy filter that goes behind the bag.
RO467130, 3467130001 $14.95

Style B Microfresh Paper Bags for Royal Metal Upright (3 pack)
3 pack Allergy bags. Has the square cardboard connector with a round hole in the center to fit over the black tube on the inside of the outer bag.
3671075001 $7.95

Style R - Royal High Filtration Aero Pro Paper Bags
Includes 7 paper bags and one mircron motor protector filter for Royal Md# RY3000series. Ie.. RY3050
3RY3100001 $18.95

Bag Type Q Royal AiroPro
Bage type Q fits the Airopro 2000 canister. 7 per pack. Microfresh bags are 99.9% dust free.
3RY2100001 $15.95

Style P Royal AiroPro & Lexon Canister Paper Bags
Bag type P fits the Airopro 1000 series canister vacuum & the Lexon Md# SR30010. 7 pack plus 1 filter, Microfresh is 99.9% dust free.
RO-RY1100, 3RY1100001 $15.95

Style T Allergy Paper Bags (7pack)-Royal/Dirt Devil
7 per pack. Allergy filtration. Fits RY 5300 series.
3423002001 $21.95

Paper Bags for Royal Model # RY 5500 Commercial Upright (10 per Pack)
Diposable paper bags (10 per pack).
370221PKG $22.95

Style U RoyalAire Allergy Paper Bags (9 pack)
allergy paper bags. Fits all Protege series, Royal and Dirt Devil upright vacuums that take the style U paper bags. 9 per pack.
ROR1431-9, 3115016000 $16.95

Style A (9 pack) Paper Bags for Royal Metal Upright
Paper bag for older style upright. The paper bag has a paper trunk coming off the main paper bag and the trunk attaches to a tube at the bottom of the inner outer bag.
3088147001/9 $16.95

Style BP Paper bags (7 pack) for Royal Back Pack Vacuum Md# RY4001
Allergy filtration bags (7 per pack). Bags attach to the dome inlet.
3KE2103000 $14.95

Style V Allergy Paper Bags for Royal Lexon Canister Md# SR30015
Package includes 7 allergy paper bags, motor protector filter and one HEPA exit filter.
AR10125, 1RY3590000 $16.95

Style N Paper Bags for Royal Upright Vacuum Md# RY6900 (7 pack)
7 bags per pack.
3JS0370001 $14.95

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