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Sanitaire Vacuum Parts


Sanitaire Cord for Md# SC785 Upright Vacuum
40 ft. Electric plug in cord.
61178-3, 61177-2 $29.95

Brush Roller for Sanitaire Upright Md# SC5815
Wood - 14 inch, natural bristle, black octogon end caps, fits 4400,5180,5190,5800,SC5815 series series vacuums.
62228-3, 61308-2, 62228-1 $22.95

Sanitaire Wand & Nesting Crevice Tool for Md# SC785 & S782 Upright Vacuum
The wand & the crevice tool. The crevice tool is not sold seperately.
61127 $8.95

Sanitaire Wand & Nesting Crevice Tool for Md# SC785 & S782 Upright Vacuum
The wand & the crevice tools that stores inside of the wand.
61127 $8.95

Sanitaire / Eureka Brushroller for Md# SC9180
Revolving brushroller.
16101-1, 63858 $38.95

Dump Cup Rubber Seal for Eureka Commercial & Sanitaire Dump Cup
Rubber gasket that glues to the cloth bag frame so that the cup makes a good seal. Fits Md SC887,SC882,C2132 & SC689.
58223 $10.95

Bellows for SC887 Sanitaire
Bellows for the model SC887 only. The accordian tube located at the bottom back of the vacuum that attaches to the metal flange with 2 screws.
14763-1 $16.95

Bellows for Model SC887 Sanitaire Upright
Replacement bellows for model SC887. The accordian oval tube that is at the back of the bottom of the vacuum and attaches under the metal flange with 2 screws.
14763-1 $16.95

Upper Swivel Cord Hook for Blue Sanitaire Vacuums
Upper cord hook that attaches to the metal wand and swivels to release the cord from the cord hook.
36965-2SV $6.50

Outer Bag(Allergy Filtration) Eureka/Sanitaire Upright
Outer allergy bag for uprights with the outer bag on the back of the handle.Takes F&G paper bags.
53977-29, 53469-20 $32.95

Cord Hook(Upper & Lower)Sanitaire Red-Commercial
Upper & lower cord hooks for 50 ft. cords.
53574-4, 53574-1 $4.95

Bottom Plate/Sanitaire 14 in. Vaccums
Bottom Plate for the upright Sanitaire vacuums with the bag on back of handle. 14 in.
25922-1 $14.95

Furniture Guard/Sanitaire
Furniture guard/bumper for the sanitaire uprights with bag on back of handle.
28504-1 $8.95

Bristle Strips / Brush Strips for VGII Metal Roller
Bristle strips for the VGII roller. Orange color. 2 per pack.
52282-4, ER2210 $7.95

Fan Chamber Cover for all Sanitaire EZ Clean Commercial Uprights
Quick change fan chamber cover for the Sanitaire.
52334, 13770-1 $22.95

Gasket for Motor or Fan Chamber
Gasket can be used for either motor or fan chamber.
30517 $1.50

Bag Flange/Sanitaire
Bag Flange for the Sanitaire upright vacuums with dump cup on back of handle.
14765-1 $14.95

Dirt Cup Support & Latch Assy. for Sanitaire Md# SC887
Dirt cup support and latch assembly.
54561-1 $46.95

Dirt Dump Out Cup for Sanitaire/Commercial Upright Vacuums
Plastic clear cup that you take out & dump. Fits SC887 & SC882.
01959-313n, 01959-1 $17.95

Cloth Outer Upper Cloth Bag for Eureka Sanitaire Md# SC887 & Commercial Md# C2132 Dump Cup
Bag assembly that fits over the dirt cup. Includes the gasket seal that is glued to the plastic ring at the bottom of the cloth bag.
54422-10, 54422-6, 54422-7 $39.95

Sanitaire Wand & Nesting Crevice Tool for Md# SC785 & S782 Upright Vacuum
The wand & the crevice tool that goes inside the wand. The crevice tool is not sold seperatly.
61127 $8.95

Outer Bag with Zipper for (Red or Grey) Sanitaire Uprights
Outer bag complete that takes style F & G paper bags inserts. Attaches with clamp on the bottom & spring on the top. Includes spring & clamp.
53506-8, 53506-7, 53506-1, ER1260 $34.95

Shake Out Outer Cloth Bag for Red Sanitaire Upright
Outer bag for Red sanitaire that you shakeout. Includes clamp at the bottom & spring/clamp at the top.
54582-1, 53354-3 $34.95

Motor for Sanitaire Uprights
Main suction motor for Sanitaires that have the outer bag on the back of the handle and do not have tools-on-board. 7amp
15942-1, 54352-3 $72.95

Sanitaie Commercial 50 ft. Cord for Md# SC6600
50 ft. cord
39857 $32.95

Brush Strips for VGI Metal Brushroller
Bristle strips. Black in color. 2 per pack.
52140 $9.95

VG I Black Bristle Strips for the Brushroller on Sanitaire Widetrack Upright Vacuum
Long replaceable black brush strips that slide into the metal roller (2 per pack). Fits SC899.
52264 $12.95

Hood Assembly for the Sanitaire Md# SC4570
The hood that goes over the base assembly and the brushroller.
60249-1 $34.95

Clamp/Clip for Shake Out Outer Cloth Sanitaire Upright Vacuum
The clamp at the top of the outer bag. See prt.# 47722 for the spring that attaches to the clamp.
30599D-10 $7.95

Spring that Attaches to the Clamp at the Top of the Shake out Sanitaire Outer Bag
Support Spring for outer shake out bag.
47722 $3.00

Style SD Paper Bags for Sanitaire Md# SC9100 & C4900
5 pack of bags. Allergy/Deoderizer paper bags.
63262 $14.95

Push Button Circuit Breaker for Md# SC785 & S782 Sanitaire Upright
The push bottun circuit breaker/restart switch on the powerhead.
61192-1 $12.95

50 Ft. 3 wire Cord for Commercial & Sanitaire Eureka Uprights
Standard fifty foot 3 wire cord. Wires into the motor & switch leads.
52370-12, 52370 $30.95

Sanitaire Power Cord for Md# S782
Power cord with circuit board.
61178-2, 61177-1 $29.95

Suction Fan for Sanitaire Upright Vacuums That have the Belt in the middle of the Roller
Plastic 10 bladed fan for vertical shaft motors.
12988-3, 12988-1, ER2800 $12.95

Main Suction Motor for Sanitaire Md# S782 & SC785
Suction motor for red & blue Sanitaires that have the fold down handle.
61185-1 $64.95

Front Wheels for Sanitaire Md# S782 & SC785 (2 pack)
The 2 small front wheels with pin/axle that go on the nozzle.
61164 $4.95

Brush Strips for Sanitaire Upright Md# SC9180 (2 pack)
Brush strips that slide into the metal roller.
63859-1 $8.95

Sanitaire Base Assembly for Md# SC785 Upright Vacuum
Base that the powerhead motor sits in. Also includes both rear wheels.
61170-2 $16.95

Sanitiare Hose for Md# SC785 Upright Vacuum
Suction hose on the side of the vacuum that the tools fit onto.
61129-1 $24.95

Sanitaire Brushroller for Md# SC758 & S782
Revolving brushroller.
61128-1, 61670 $26.95

Hose for Using Tools for Saniataire Upright Md# SC5815
Hose that you put the cleaning attachments on.
61865-4 $34.95

Metal Telescopic Wand for Eureka Sanitaire Canister
Telescopic wand that the attachments are used with. Fits Md# S3681 & SC3683.Inch 1/4 diameter hole. Fits all mighty mites.
72953 $27.95

Handle Release Pedal for Sanitaire Md# SC9180 & S9120
Step on pedal that releases the handle back.
77135-380N $5.95

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